Beverly Hills 90210

FOX (ended 2000)


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  • The teen drama is about teens living in Beverly Hills, CA. It was the best show ever! It deals with a lot of issues we face during our teen years. I was a fan for a long time. I love this show.

    I enjoyed watching it since I was in elementary school, middle school, and high school. The show started a month, before I turned ten and a fourth grader in grade school. I was nineteen and just out of high school, when the show ended. One of my favorite couples on the show is Brenda Walsh and Dylan Mckay. The best couples before Marissa Cooper and Ryan Atwood on "The OC". One of my favorite moments is which Brenda was deflowered by Dylan in the hotel room after the spring dance. I also liked the place where thay hang out after school is The Peach Pit, a 50's style diner. Dylan is the hottest character ever. I liked the new episodes that were played during the summer. The season 2 premiere started in July, 15 years ago. That show paved the way for "The OC", 13 years later. The series is now rerunning on SoapNet 5 days a week.