Beverly Hills 90210

FOX (ended 2000)


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  • Teens grow old in Beverly Hills and then they repeat every storyline for 10 years!

    This show was very good up until mid-season four. After it reached the season finale i began to wonder "Why do i still watch this show?". Season Four was a big failure in my eyes and then how they contiued to drag out the series after that wasn't helping it. It was complete crap how they recycled every storyline and tried to make adjustments to it. Nothing they could do could've helped this show. It was so cheesy and tiring to watch Kelly complain about Tiffani AT's charecter for like two seasons. I am suprised some of the main cast stayed on the show as long as they did. It really bruised their career's. Hopefully the new '90210' won't be as crappy as the original.