Beverly Hills 90210

FOX (ended 2000)


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  • A story about a group of teeagers living in the sunny and glamorous Beverly Hills. As time goes by they grow closer and closer while having to make some difficult choises.

    I've been a fan for years and i really love the series. You can watch it over and over again and you still won't get sick of it. There are many wonderful and talented actors and the characters are simply loveable. You always laugh and smile your way trough the happy moments and cry your way trough the sad ones. I think it's great watching them all grow up and become adults living in their own place having to take responsibility for themselves.

    There is just one thing i don't like about the show. All the drama! Sometimes there's just too much of it. If you think about it, how many of those girls haven't been raped and who hasn't almost been killed. ALMOST. Because they always survive everything. Let's take a look at Kelly for an example. She has been raped, caught in a fire, been addicted to drugs and has been shot. She also had a miscarriage and shot the guy who raped her. And the girl she met when she was in rehab tried to kill her. I just think it's a bit unrealistic that so much has happened to one person during those ten years the show went on. I realize that it's a drama and they have to create some excitement but still. Maybe they made too many seasons and it would have been better if they had ended the series a bit sooner.