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FOX (ended 2000)


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  • Was the BJ scene necessary? . I know this is what sells but being brought up on the orignal 90210..I can't do class. I feel like they took an orignal masterpiece and painted all over it with graffiti.

    The original was much more tasteful and the actors were way more convincing. I know I should probably give it a chance but with the original I was "allowed" to watch it because it hit on all the important issues of teen life..BJ's not being one of them. What can we expect the next episode to teach our tweens its ok to do? Hummmm.... I honestly lost interest after the first half hour. My husband was watching it and when Kelly and Brenda were on was when it peaked my interest. I hear Shannon is only on for 4 episodes....thats enough for me to not bother to watch. I would rather watch the original cast in their older years. I know this is the way of TV in the 2000's, it is what sells.. language and filt.