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FOX (ended 2000)


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    My favorite show. I've only been watching for about six months after i started watching the new show, but it's so addicting!

    The early seasons were great, using new ideas and not repeating story lines like they did later on

    S01: Great! Best episode: Home Again. Season 1 did a good job letting us get to know the characters.

    S02: Pretty good. Best episode: Things to do on a rainy day. More development. Some boring episodes, but mostly pretty interesting

    S03: Addicting! Best episode(s): She came in through the bathroom window, something in the air, commencement, midlife... nw what? castles in the sand
    This season had many intriguing plot lines.

    S04: A bt boring, but mostly good. I'm about 3/4 throught this season, and a lot of interesting events happened

    S07: I saw the second half, and Valerie's evilness was fun to watch. Amazing!

    S08: Boring. They could have ended it after season 7

    The rest i didn't watch...