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  • the show follows the walsh family as they move from a small town in minnesota to the big city of beverly hills.

    the show centers on the walsh family as they move to beverly hills and is shock at the difference between minnesota and beverly hills.

    the show as some great acting from all the cast,especailly the walsh family they all have great chemistry with one another.

    the drama in the show is great viewing tv.

    the show dealt with the problems teenagers had during the 90s.the show focus on some great issues like sex,abortions,drugs,rape(etc).

    after its 10 year run the show has its good moments and its bad moments.

    season 1-4 are great.season 5 hold on too as being great.i dont know if its because im a shannen doherty fan but i prefer the show with shannen in it.after shannen left the show the show did change alittle.season 5 was very good considering shannen was gone and they replace her with that annyoing valerie but when the parents left the show at the end of season 5 the show had to many changes for me.season 1-4 were perfect considering shannen doherty was in them and the story seem very fresh.season 5 was good even though shannen doherty wasnt there anymore but when the parents left at the end of season 5.i think i knew by next season the show wasnt going to be the same.if i was judging season 1-5 i would give it a 9.

    season 6-10 were okay the seasons werent as fresh as the first 5 seasons.and on top of that the leads of the show where all gone the only person left out of the walsh family was brandon.even though brandon was left,the show didnt seem fresh,the stories wasnt as good anymore but i will say there were some good episodes here and with no walsh there anymore but brandon and even though the stories werent fresh and good anymore.there were some good if i was judging season 6-10 i would give it a 7.

    even though beverly hills is before my time.(i was born in 1990.)i do love this show.i can get into the issues of the 90s and without this show there wouldnt be anyother teen drama show on tv now.

    so with season 1-5 being a 9 and season 6-10 being a 7.overall the show gets a 8 from me.
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