Beverly Hills 90210 - Season 4

FOX (ended 2000)


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Episode Guide

  • After the summer break, everyone prepares for university life. Brenda is miserable at college and wants to calls it quits. Brandon gains a new admirer, who has an admirer of her own. Andrea is forced into a difficult decision and is crushed when she finds out the truth about Gil. Kelly returns from Europe without Dylan.moreless
  • 9/15/93
    The competition for Jill's affection reaches new levels of intensity between Brandon and Steve, leaving Celeste feeling betrayed and heartbroken. Brenda is finding that college in Minnesota may not be the right choice for her, after all. Meanwhile, Kelly and Dylan decide to give their relationship another try, and David finds a solution to his housing problems.moreless
  • The Little Fish
    Episode 3
    Brenda's return to Beverly Hills both startles her parents and upsets Brandon's plans for her bedroom. Brenda and Dylan spend a relaxing day together far away from the pressure of school and Kelly. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang begins their week at California University. Steve decides to rush a fraternity, Andrea meets her cute resident advisor, Dylan chooses to forego college, and Brandon becomes involved with college politics.moreless
  • Greek to Me
    Episode 4
    It's Rush Week at California University and the group decides whether or not to pledge a Greek house. Andrea is dismayed when the Alpha Omega's look down on her for her Jewish background, and Steve badgers Brandon to pledge Kappa Epsilon Gamma, otherwise known as KEG House. Brandon also gets involved with the school's progressive party, becoming the Freshman Representative to the Student Senate. Meanwhile, Kelly runs into John Sears, a past love whom she'd rather forget.moreless
  • Radio Daze
    Episode 5
    To kick off the start of classes, the university throws a pool party for the incoming freshman. The whole gang attends and has a blast, but Steve's incessant flirting infuriates Celeste. Brenda gets a job in her father's office, Andrea and Dan plan a date, and Dylan clashes with John Sears over Kelly.moreless
  • Strangers in the Night
    David's late night radio show leads him to start taking caffeine pills, and the mess he makes around the apartment upsets Kelly and Donna. Brenda goes on a blind date with the son of one of her father's clients and it turns out to be an unexpected success. Meanwhile, Kelly cools her relationship with Dylan, and Andrea's relationship with Dan takes a surprising turn.moreless
  • Moving Targets
    Episode 7
    After his brush with violent crime, Dylan becomes obsessed with self defense. He purchases an illegal gun and makes several trips to the shooting range. Meanwhile, Brenda and Stuart introduce their parents to each other over lunch in Bel-Air.
  • Twenty Years Ago Today
    The Walshes are celebrating their 20th anniversary, and before the evening is over one Walsh twin's life will change forever. Stuart has a surprising suggestion for Brenda, and Brandon startles a gun-wielding Dylan. Meanwhile, Andrea meets a young bartender, Jesse Vasquez...
  • Otherwise Engaged
    Episode 9
    Brenda is furious when she finds a prenuptial agreement in Stuart's briefcase, but she grows even angrier when she discovers a plot to break up her engagement to Stuart. Brandon continues seeing Lucinda and is shocked to discover that she's married. Steve goes on a double date with one of his frat brothers... but the date doesn't include Celeste. Meanwhile, Jackie sues Mel for full custody of Erin which causes tension in the beach apartment.moreless
  • And Did It... My Way
    Brenda and Stuart tire of listening to their parents squabble over wedding preparations so they head to Las Vegas for an old-fashioned elopement. In a show of supposed solidarity their friends follow, but they may have more up their sleeve than a celebratory bottle of champagne. Steve's jilted date, Laura, won't stop calling him. Meanwhile, Professor Randall invites Brandon to dinner, hosted by his wife... Lucinda Nicholson.moreless
  • Take Back the Night
    Episode 11
    The campus is caught up in a "Take Back the Night" movement, and Steve finds himself fingered as a rapist. Steve must find a way to prove his innocence to those he loves, as the campus takes sides. Meanwhile, D'Shawn attempts to blackmail Brandon, and John Sears shows his true colors to Kelly.moreless
  • Radar Love
    Episode 12
    Brandon's road trip to find himself leads him to former love Emily Valentine, whose twisted obsession once tore their love apart. A now emotionally healthy Emily is thrilled to see him and the two spend a romantic week in San Francisco. Andrea is also falling hard for someone. Unfortunately, that someone is not her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Dylan spends Thanksgiving with the Walshes, sending ex-girlfriend Kelly into a fit of jealousy.moreless
  • 12/1/93
    It's Hell Week for the Greek geeks of C.U and that means Steve, Donna, and Kelly are in for a series of humiliating experiences. But some take the fun too far and before the week is over, someone may end up in jail. Meanwhile, Brenda balks when she is asked to appear nude in an experimental campus play.moreless
  • Windstruck
    Episode 14
    David and Donna head to Chinatown for their anniversary and Donna finally decides to sleep with David. Professor Randall decides to press charges against Steve for stealing his autographed baseball. Meanwhile, Dan is bitter about Andrea's relationship with Jesse.
  • Somewhere in the World It's Christmas
    The winter holidays have arrived but no one's plans are going according to plan. As Dylan prepares to go to Baja for Christmas, a mysterious woman and her daughter turn up on his doorstep, claiming to have a connection to the McKay lineage. Meanwhile, the Walsh family plans a Hawaiian holiday, Steve dresses up as Santa for disadvantaged children, and David makes a decision about his relationship with Donna.moreless
  • Crunch Time
    Episode 16
    After a hazing prank gone wrong, the KEG house hopes to avoid charges by unfairly distancing itself from Steve. When Steve learns he was set up, he must prove it to his "brothers" or face expulsion from the fraternity. Meanwhile, Dylan offends Suzanne when he decides to do a background check on her.moreless
  • Thicker Than Water
    Episode 17
    David's addiction to stimulants spirals out of control and the result could cost him Erin's life. Meanwhile, the gang takes a ski trip where Donna meets a cute ski bum named Chad, but her attraction to him is complicated by her still strong feelings for David. Andrea gets a life-altering shock, and Dylan learns that Suzanne has been keeping secrets.moreless
  • Heartbreaker
    Episode 18
    Brandon is chosen as the freshman representative of an elite national task force, which will help to make decisions in Washington regarding America's college campuses. Andrea grapples with her pregnancy and her decision to tell Jesse. Meanwhile, Nat suffers a heart attack and the future of The Peach Pit is in jeopardy.moreless
  • The Labors of Love
    Episode 19
    David's drug addiction has become obvious to everyone around him and Kelly is less than impressed. Her tough love approach is too much for sympathetic Donna who has a difficult time saying "no" to her ex. Meanwhile, Andrea makes a decision about her pregnancy, and Dylan finds a way to help Nat keep The Peach Pit.moreless
  • 2/9/94
    Andrea and Jesse's impromptu engagement leads to tension in the Zuckerman household, which upsets the pregnant freshman. How can she marry without the support of her parents? Meanwhile, David's dealer stashes a large amount of drugs at the beach apartment, which could land David in serious trouble. An intervention from a surprising source may be just what he needs to keep him out of jail... and a coffin.moreless
  • Addicted to Love
    Episode 21
    A newspaper reporter is trying to dig up dirt on Brandon and no topic is too sacred... even his sex life. Fearing exposure, he and Lucinda concoct a "fool-proof" plan to throw the reporter off their scent. Meanwhile, a trip to Palm Springs gets off to a rocky start for newly reunited Brenda and Stuart.moreless
  • Change Partners
    Episode 22
    Brenda and Donna adopt a stray dog, Rocky, who they fear has been mistreated. When Brenda learns he is a survivor of medical testing, she gets involved with a group of campus extremists. Meanwhile, Brandon and Kelly's fake relationship takes a very real turn during a Task Force retreat, which upsets and confuses Kelly, who apparently still harbors feelings for Dylan. Also, Brandon meets the chancellor's wild-child daughter, Clare Arnold, who makes no secret of her attraction to him.moreless
  • 3/2/94
    After Rocky dies of cancer Brenda's involvement with the animal rights extremists reaches explosive new heights. Meanwhile, Brandon and Kelly come clean to Lucinda and Dylan about their kiss at the retreat.
  • Cuffs and Links
    Episode 24
    Brenda's involvement with the destruction of Dyer Lab has landed her in jail, facing several felony charges. Dylan bails her out but even his money can't buy her out of a felony. Meanwhile, a nosy reporter has finally gotten the goods on Brandon and threatens to expose his and Lucinda's sex like unless he backs him for student body president. Meanwhile, Andrea presents Donna with a brand new, wriggly puppy: Rocky 2.moreless
  • 3/23/94
    Brenda discovers a diary hidden in her window seat that apparently belonged to a previous resident. Brenda becomes engrossed in the girl's accounts of the political struggles and her own personal crises in the years 1968 and '69.
  • Blind Spot
    Episode 26
    When Steve accidentally discovers that the KEG house president is a closeted homosexual he faces a crisis of conscience: to tell or not to tell? Meanwhile, David's admiration for a blind piano savant leaves girlfriend Donna feeling a bit left out.
  • Divas
    Episode 27
    Brenda is thrilled when an acclaimed director arrives at the university to direct the campus production. But things so south when she finds herself competing against her best friend for the lead. Meanwhile, Clare Arnold arrives on campus and takes extreme measures in her pursuit of Brandon.
  • Acting Out
    Episode 28
    Brenda feels betrayed by Kelly's decision to audition against her for the lead in the play and refuses to speak to her former best friend. But Kelly isn't the only one competing against Brenda for the lead. Meanwhile, Dylan's deepening relationship with Suzanne puts strain on his romance with Kelly.
  • Truth and Consequences
    Laura is furious when Brenda is given the lead in the play. Pushed to the breaking point, she uses Steve to get revenge against the girl she believes took everything from her. Meanwhile, a fed-up Brandon figures out way to stop Clare's aggressive advances.
  • Vital Signs
    Episode 30
    Clare's interest in Brandon is growing tiresome and he fears that she could cost him the chance to meet the president with the rest of the Task Force. Meanwhile, Brenda's performance in the play earns her rave reviews from everybody... including Dylan.
  • Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington (1)
    Brandon travels to Washington D.C. with the Task Force where three women grapple (literally!) for his attention. Meanwhile, Brenda is offered the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to spend the summer studying theatre at the Royal Academy in London.
  • Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington (2)
    In the second part of the season finale, Kelly and Brandon spend a romantic day together, while Brenda and Dylan spend her last night in California in his bed. Meanwhile, Donna catches David in a compromising position, and Steve is hurt to find Celeste on a date with John Sears.