Beverly Hills 90210

Season 3 Episode 25

Senior Poll

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 07, 1993 on FOX

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  • This is 1 of my favourite episode, I'm telling u to watch it

    I love this episode, Dylan says wonderful things to kelly, so she better appreciate it! (lol, i'm sure she does) and well the whole senior poll thing is cool, never had anything like that in my school!

    My favourite part is the bit when kelly runs off in a huff about class photos with Dylan etc

    so Dylan comes to find her and explains how she saved his life when the car exploaded and his dad died and that they're soulmates
    and of course the end when instead of something fancy, dylan and kelly look lovely'n'casual for their photo!
  • The gang is awarded Senior Poll nominations and we see that Kelly has more issues than realized.

    This eppy is not one of my faves.

    Although I can see why some people like Dylan and Kelly together, the best part of the episode for me was when Kelly told Dylan to go and talk to Brenda to find out how it feels to have your best friend go behind your back and steal your boyfriend.... for the first time in a long time Kelly admitted she was wrong - she was almost unselfish for a second too bad it was short lived.

    I do however like when Kelly was feeling insecure about her relationship with Dylan - because she should have been up until that point. Kelly thought Dylan was only with her because of the way she looked and dressed and the fact she has sex with him - he told her she was wrong, but for me their relationship shoudl have been doomed from the start because of how it happened - a relationship built on lies never lasts.

    Kelly actually seemed hurt in this episode - not by one person, but because of everything that has happened in her life and I almost felt sorry for her.