Beverly Hills 90210

Season 4 Episode 1

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 08, 1993 on FOX

Episode Recap

Steve is accepted to California University. A producer hoping to entice Samantha to star in a sitcom allows Steve, Brandon and Celeste to use his beach house for a few weeks. The gang throws a blow-out bash the night before Brenda is to leave for Minnesota. Kelly comes home early from Europe... without Dylan. She claims that all is well but later confesses to Donna that the couple broke up. The next morning, Jill, the producer's daughter, finds Brandon in her father's trashed house and believes that he is a burglar. She's about to attack him with mace but Brandon talks her down. It turns out that Steve has had a crush on Jill for years and annoys Celeste by falling all over her. But Jill only has eyes for Brandon. Brenda's friends and roommates in Minnesota constantly pepper her with questions about Beverly Hills. Not only that, but they talk behind her back and leave her out of activities. She fears she has made a terrible mistake, but Cindy insists that the situation will improve. Dylan tries to call Brenda from Europe, but she is not in her room and misses his call. David has difficulty finding an apartment after he fails to get into a dormitory. Kelly and Donna decide to give up their dorm room to share a beautiful beach-front apartment with David. Andrea, concerned by her grandmother's poor health, passes on Yale to attend California University. She is hurt when Gil not-so-nicely teases her about her decision and is disappointed to learn that he is engaged.