Beverly Hills 90210

Season 3 Episode 28

Something in the Air

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 12, 1993 on FOX

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  • Donna Martin shouldn't graduate

    The protest for Donna was a throwback to the 60's. But in my opinion Donna deserved not to graduate for getting drunk during the prom. This punishment which is severe but its meant for a consequence of your actions.
  • What I love about this show

    This is what makes me love Beverly Hills 90210 so much - the fact that all the friends care so much about one another that they would risk not going to graduation and doing summer school for another one of them and somehow managing to get the rest of the school to cooperate and walk out of finals to protest.
    I don't think the school board or teachers could be very good if they could not stop the pupils walking out or then changing their mind just because of a protest although I'm not complaining - I wanted Donna to graduate with the rest.
  • Donna Martin, busted for being "drunk" at the prom, must face the schoolboard who decides if she will graduate with her class. The students, lead by Brandon, walk out on their final exams and protest Donna's expulsion.

    This may be a somewhat cheesy episode, but in many ways it is classic 90210. But, I did like the way they explained both sides of the walkout and what it might have done to the individual student careers. Although, the cockiness of Andrea and Brandon at the hearing was unrealistic.
    The standout of this episode, as she was in all her appearances, was Kathy Cannon, Felice Martin. She is an example of what a fine actor can do with a smaller part. Her villainous snarls and tirades made her the one we all loved to hate.
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