Beverly Hills 90210

Season 1 Episode 21

Spring Dance

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 02, 1991 on FOX

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  • The first episode I ever watched

    This was the first 90210 episode I watched and was hooked right away. My girlfriend (at the time) watched the show and told me how great it was, so I went to her house the night it aired, watched it and thought it was the best show since the Simpson's. I thought Brenda & Dylan had great chemistry with each other, same with Kelly & Brandon. I was even shocked when Brandon told Kelly he thought of her like a sister, but would be in love with her if he didn't know her. I liked how the dance ended with the group dancing in a circle with each other.
  • One of my favorite moments of this episode! Brenda gets deflowered by Dylan in a hotel room after the prom.

    Brenda convinces Andrea to ask Brandon to the spring dance, but Kelly beat her to it. Steve and Donna go together at the spring dance. Steve gets drunk and ignores Donna. He also lashes out at Brandon and Kelly. Kelly admits that she has a crush on Brandon, and they kiss. Steve finds out that it's his birthday and also learns that he's adopted. He confides in Kelly, soon she forgot because she caught up in her quest to become spring queen. Brenda and Dylan check into a hotel room upstairs, and later gets deflowered by him. While Andrea is watching a horror film, she daydreams about chasing Kelly with a chainsaw. David wins dance contest, and receives the right to dance with spring queen Kelly.
  • Brenda loses her virginity to Dylan

    This is a great episode-- first off it shows just HOW SPOILED kelly is and this marks the night that Brenda and Dylan take their relationship to the next level.
    one of the best parts of this episode other than Dylan and Brenda in the room is when Kelly goes to see Steve and his comments are :
    "you are the only one I know who is defective as I am" and her response is: "I am not defective Steve."
    Great episode!!!!
  • Brenda and Dylan! I am so happy for her! I only wish Brandon and Kelly had connected.

    Brenda losing her virginity to Dylan was sweet, just watching the two of them you could tell that they loved each other and wanted to spend the night in each others arms. However I wish Brandon and Kelly felt the same. I think they look perfect together! I would have cried tears of joy to see that. Andrea looked beautiful. I can't believe that Steve was adopted, I never would have guessed. I wish he had been nicer to Donna, what a lousy date. Kelly becoming Spring Queen was of course to be expected, and David winning the right to dance with her was cute.
  • All the kids get together for the spring dance, and all live the cliche of the american school celebrations : losing their virginity, being crowned class queen, and the one that avoids the popular events in lieu of a movie night.

    This is one of the best episodes of season one. Much to Steve's dismay, Kelly takes Brandon as her date to Spring dance, which follows her selfish behaviour as she counts on being Spring Queen. Her attitude of that alienates her from Brenda as well as Steve. Andrea is pissed about Kelly and Brandon going together, with her feelings for Brandon showing. She opts to eat ice cream and watch gory horror movies home alone, where she fantasises about chainsawing her classmates. Brenda and Dylan get a room at the hotel where the dance is being held, and Brenda loses her virginity to him. Steve and Donna go together to the prom, but Donnas' legless dress - and Steve's rotten attitude - contribute to the both of them having a bad night. It is discovered that it is Steve's birthday, and Steve is most hurt by Kelly, who is too wrapped up in herself to notice. David bets Scott that he'll get a dance with Kelly. And after winning a dance contest at the dance, he does so. It's funny to watch Kelly reject him. Andrea eventually shows up and dances with Brandon. Even though there is tension between Sreve-Kelly-Brandon-Andrea, it is all worked out by episodes end. The most exciting is the Brenda and Dylan saga, as I believe they were one of 90210's most influentual couples. A fun watch!
  • Brenda loses her virginity

    It's time for the spring dance. Brandon doesn't plan on going and Brenda convinces Andrea to ask him anyway. Brandon says he's not going, so she doesn't ask him. Later at the Peach Pit Kelly shows up and starts hitting on Brandon, like the airhead she is, and asks him to go, and he accepts. Kelly is sure she is going to win the title of princess and only worries about herself the entire night. Brenda and Dylan go together, while Brenda and Kelly wear the same dress. Brenda loses her virginity to Dylan in a hotel room and it is rather romantic. Kelly gets the princess title, while everyone ignores Steve on his birthday.
  • A Series Classic, and #8 in my own Personal Top 10

    Spring is in the air, and the gang from West Beverly prepare for the big spring dance. Dylan has big plans, and gets a hotel room for him and Brenda. Andrea and Brandon pretty much agree they aren't going to go. Steve goes after some chick named Darla, but she doesn't date guys who drive Corvettes, so he's toast. He tries to rebound by going after Kelly, but Kelly has other plans and asks Brandon. That leaves Steve to settle on going with Donna, and Andrea is devastated when she finds out about Brandon and Kelly. Kelly and Brenda are pissed at each other because they each got the same dress. When they finally get to the dance, Dylan and Brenda make their exit, and Brenda loses her virginity to Dylan. Kelly tries her hardest to seal the deal with Brandon, but he is having none of it. Turns out it's Steve's birthday and he's having a tough time dealing with it because he found out several months before that he was an adopted child. He only told Kelly and that's why he's livid with her, because she was so pre-occupied with being a spring princess. She apologizes, and so does he. Andrea eventually, and makes up with Brandon, and they share a nice moment. David wins the dance off for a dance with Kelly and the episode eventually ends with the gang dancing together. A very historically significant show, as it's referenced many many times in future episodes. MVC: Brandon (16), Brenda (14), Dylan (6), Kelly (6), and Steve (7)
  • The couples you want to see together, get together (in some way or another)

    The Spring Dance has proven to be a popular episode amongst fans, and it's no surprise. It's quite an eventful episode. Everyone's preparing for the dance. Brandon leads Andrea to assume he's not interesting in going, but she takes this the wrong way when she later finds out he is, as Kelly's date. This is the second episode where it is clear that there are definite sparks between Brandon and Kelly, the first one being Stand (Up) And Deliver. Steve goes with Donna, as friends, and Dylan takes Brenda. They all go in a limo together.

    Steve gets very tense during the event, the gang not knowing why (it's his birthday and has found out he's adopted). He loses control when he sees Brandon and Kelly sharing a passionate kiss, even though Brandon insists it won't go any further than that. Andrea is at home alone, fantasises about being estranged from the group and from Brandon, and decides to go to the dance after all. During all this, Dylan and Brenda finally decide to take their relationship to the next level.

    The episode ends on a high note, in spite of all the drama, with the gang dancing together. Kelly is voted Spring Queen and makes amends with Brenda, as throughout most of the episode, they had been at odds over going to the dance wearing the same dress as each other!

    Memorable episode, the original cast all working together and evident chemistry, particularly between those who will later become the ultimate couples of the show.