Beverly Hills 90210

Season 1 Episode 21

Spring Dance

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 02, 1991 on FOX



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  • Quotes

    • (Andrea dreaming about the Spring Dance after watching prom horror movies)
      Andrea: revving a chainsaw) You said you liked me.
      Brandon: For God's sake, Andrea put that chainsaw down!
      Andrea: You said you liked me!
      Brandon: I do like you! I do.
      Kelly: I like you, too!
      Brenda: I like you.
      Donna: Me too!
      Dylan: I love you!
      Steve: You're a Goddess!

    • Steve: Oh, nature's doing its thing and its turning me into a total dog.

    • Kelly: Brandon, I'm a Spring Princess. I can't exactly show up in a Melvin, or whatever your calling your car these days.

    • Andrea: Are you, uh, going to the school dance?
      Brandon: No, are you?
      Andrea: Uh, no.
      Brandon: Personally, I hate to dance.
      Andrea: You do?
      Brandon: Yeah. I always step on people's toes, I have no sense of rhythm, it's awful.
      Andrea: So, you probably wouldn't want to go even if someone asked you?
      Brandon: I don't know. Would you?
      Andrea: Well I have fundamental ideological problems with teenage social rituals that basically do nothing but exacerbate fear of total insecurity and inferiority over one's appearance, while frenetically exploiting and I must add, distorting the feminine ideal. I mean, in an act which reaches it's apogee with the election of the spring queen.
      Brandon: Was that a yes or a no?
      Andrea: What was the question?

  • Notes

    • Featured Music:
      You Can't Hurry Love by Diana Ross and The Supremes
      She Says (Come Around) performed by The Rave-Ups
      The Best I Can't performed by The Rave-Ups
      Respectfully King Of Rain performed by The Rave-Ups
      Smile performed by The Rave-Ups

    • When 90210 did the 'Spring Dance' episode, the show's writers came to Tori and Brian for research, as they were both still at high school.

    • The scene where Brenda decides to lose her virginity to Dylan in the hotel room was named number 99 on TV Guide/TV Land's "100 Memorable TV Moments" in December 2004.

    • During the ten-year reunion show, Jason Priestley said that the Dylan/Brenda moment in the hotel room was the most romantic moment in the show's history.

  • Allusions

    • The horror movie that Andrea is watching alludes to both "Prom Night" starring Jamie Lee Curtis, and "Carrie" starring Sissy Spacek.

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