Beverly Hills 90210

Season 1 Episode 17

Stand (Up) and Deliver

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 07, 1991 on FOX



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    • Jim: Here're the flyers. I should have a sign, like McDonald's: Over 5 Billion Copied.
      Brandon: Yeah, and I'm the McCandidate.

    • Brenda: (after Kelly and Donna backed out of their plans) Fine. I'll go alone. I guess Sky is too mature for you guys.
      Kelly: Ugh! Please, they don't even card at that club.
      (door slams)
      Kelly: (to Donna) Do they?

    • Jack: (to Brenda after she interrupts his bit on-stage) Let me guess. You tried on fifty jackets, and none of 'em worked. So you decided to go with this one.
      Brenda: Yeah, kinda like you. You tried out fifty jokes and none of them worked.
      Jack: Ouch, I'm cut. I'm bleedin!
      Donna: (to Kelly as the crowd cheers and claps) I didn't know she could do that!
      Kelly: Neither did she.

    • Brenda: Mom, have you ever felt like a phone call that's been disconnected?
      Cindy: Honey, goes with the territory of being a teenager.
      Brenda: Along with hormone hell. Bad driving. Classes that don't relate to life.

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