Beverly Hills 90210

Season 2 Episode 3

Summer Storm

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 25, 1991 on FOX

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  • The beginning of my favorite long term storyline

    Storm warnings are upon them as Dylan's father gets officially indicted for many counts of financial fraud. Dylan's father going to jail begins what will become a long storyline that culminates later on in season 6. But after that Dylan goes surfing and nearly kills himself. Turns out the only emergency contact he had was Brandon. So the Walshs take him in, but when he gets caught by Jim fooling around on the couch with Brenda, all hell breaks loose, and Jim more or less kicks him out. After cooler heads prevail, Jim decides to take him back in, and help him sort his life out now with no money or assets to speak of. Really historic episode because it sets off the chain of events that ultimately leads to Dylan's epic exit from the show in 1995. Also historic because we also see the beginnings of the Donna and David relationship, which ultimately caps off the entire series. They have a nice little side-story playing Romeo and Juliet in the acting class. This also ends Brandon's 14 episode streak as one of my "Most Valuable Characters." MVC: Brenda (16), Dylan (9), Jim (10), Donna (3), and David (3)
  • Summer Storm

    Dylan finds himself with no place to stay, after his father's legal troubles. He reminisces (with REM song) about his father, while crashing at the beach club. After a surfing accident, he ends up staying at the Walshes. Brenda tries to keep her distance, yet can't help herself. Jim is angry with Dylan after he catches Dylan and Brenda making out on the couch.

    Kelly dates a guy who isn't interested in her, and she feels rejected, until he reveals he is gay. Progressive to have a gay teen, even if for one episode in the 90's on tv. Played by David Lascher (Hey Dude, Josh on Sabrina the Teenage Witch).

    Donna and David are cast as Romeo and Juliet in the summer school drama play.

    Episode ends with Dylan writing a letter to his dad, sort of interesting with the narration considering this isn't really a "narrated" show.

  • Dylan\'s father gets thrown in jail. Dylan crashes his surf board and has to stay with the Walsh\'s despite Brenda\'s opposition. He is kicked out when Jim finds them making out and flees to the beach house where he remembers his childhood and cries.

    Kind of boring...too much Zuckerman. Shannon Dougherty is at her bad acting best. The whole drama summer school story line is BORING. Good for the numerous beach scenes, the Jim walking in on Brenda and Dylan while they are making out on a coach is kinda of interesting. Does anyone know why Brandon keeps calling Dylan \\\'Jones\\\'? Makes no sense to me. Interesting that a different actor makes an appearance as Dylan\\\'s dad in this episode as opposed to other episodes. Carol Potter is almost as annoying as the women who plays Andrea Zuckerman. As per usual, an R.E.M. song has a prominent role in this episodes dramatic moments (when Dylan is remembering his childhood).