Beverly Hills 90210

Season 9 Episode 27

That's the Guy

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 19, 1999 on FOX

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  • My Series Finale for 90210...

    Yep I end my collection here. I got the Brenda years. I will collect the Val Years and have this one Gina year. I would have liked to end it on a better note but i honestly CANNOT stand season 10 and that dreadful finale. Matt&Kelly, Gina&Dylan are together at the end (I do prefer B&K, B&D though) but Gina is great replacement for Brenda and Matt... well he is ok but he is no Brandon, he is way better for Kelly than Dylan though. Kelly shoots her rapist. Kelly and Dylan stay JUST friends in this season finale (which would be my series finale lol) i really like them as friends and ONLY friends, he finally repays her with his good friendship to her and supporting her with the rape situation. oh yea i forgot to mention Donna and Noah. Noah realizes that Donna is a h0e now so they break up (which is good i don;t like them together anyway!). David realizes that Gina used him to make Dylan jealous when he walks in on G&D in the bed together recapturing their romance (YAY!). I can just pretend that David and Donna found their way back to each other (even though i prefer David&Val). It was great knowing you 90210. I will be happy to purchase up to season 9! Thanks for a great 9 years, no thanks for kicking Brenda off and breaking up two of the most iconic couples in tv history but wateva. i'll live.