Beverly Hills 90210

Season 6 Episode 28

The Big Hurt

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 01, 1996 on FOX

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  • Only on an Aaron Spelling show, folks. Only on an Aaron spelling show could a character be so evil, so vindictive, so cruel as to cold-bloodedly murder the goldfish of sweet Kelly Taylor.

    I still remembet the first time I saw this scene. The goosebump-inducing, spine-tingling horror music. The handheld camera, complete with tilty-nauseating movement.

    And Tara, the evil streetchild from the very depths of hell (because of course, who but psychotic fish-killers or perfect 90210 stars would be in drug rehab), in her Kelly-wannabe haircut, begins to feed Kelly's fish. And then Kelly's voice comes on the soundtrack. "Can you feed my fish? Just a dab." And then it gets echoey and spooky, as a look of devious pleasure spreads across Tara's face.

    "Just a dab...just a dab...just a dab..."

    And then Tara, eyes blazing, slowly pours...the...whole...bottle...into...the...tank.


    And as the scene fades out, I was left with this gigantic sense of "what in the hell...?" Because, they were goldfish. And I looked at my friend (apty named Kelly) and we both just burst out laughing. I think we laughed through the whole commercial break. And it's Fox, so those are some long commercials.


    The rest of the show could only be a letdown after that. Though I was rather fond of the Prince Carl-Steve-Clare love triangle. I really loved Clare. Stop looking at me! Who did you like once Brenda left, Saint Kelly? I mean, yeah, she was cool in high school, but once she stopped being a fun bitch, she sucked. And Donna?! Please. I could carve a better woman out of a melted barbie doll. Oh wait, that's how they got her. My bad. And Val was nice and evil, but she never got away with anything, so it made it hard to enjoy her. You just felt too sorry for her, and her screwed up little Buffalo self.

    Anyway. There was a really awesome moment when Kelly finds her dead, bloated fish all floating at the top of the tank. I wonder if they really killed a bunch of goldfish for that scene.