Beverly Hills 90210

Season 3 Episode 22

The Child Is Father to the Man

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 17, 1993 on FOX

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  • Dylan's father's wake, enough said

    Well to me the best part of this episode is when Brenda helps Dylan put on his tie and then they walk into her bedroom and he comments on the fact she took down all of the stuff he had given her and she said in the "grand scheme of things she will just be some girl he knew in high school" and with tears in his eyes he replies "no you won't Bren" and she says it's nice to know...
    This is the first sign of Kelly's jealousy too, maybe she should have thought of that before she stole her best friend's boyfriend
  • One of the best performance of Luke Perry if not The best

    This is the first episode, after Dylan's dad dies. Since this is one of the most important evants, the question is: How would Dylan handle it? My opinion is, that the producers and Luke Perry (aka Dylan McKey) did almost perfect job. In previous and this episodes he proved that his acting abilities are on a slightly higher level, than the rest ow the crew. The moments, when he was facing The boy inside him are well known to the people who lost someone in real life. Just too bad, that the rest of the crew didn\'t act as good as he. These are the reason, why this part and the previos one, are very special to me and one of the best, if not the best in whole 10 years...
  • This was one of the saddest story lines...

    This is a very sad episode, Dylan losing his father. I thought it was great acting on Luke Perry's part, playing Dylan's conscience, the part when he was talking to Brenda was incredibly sad and at the funeral when he is asked to say something but doesn't have anything to say. This episode makes me cry everytime. Luke Perry does an outstanding job in this episode. David kind of got on my nerves wanting to leave to meet the producer and not even caring about Dylan at all. Kelly was upset that Dylan stayed with the Walshes. But then Brenda & Kelly start to speak just for Dylan's sake. In the long run we find out that Dylan's dad was one of the good guys. The whole storey line was sad, because Dylan blamed his father's death for all his destructive ways. But by far this was one of the saddest episodes of all time.

    <<,<<<<SPOILER BELOW>>>>>>>> but when later he finds out he isn't dead, that's soooo horrible. <<<<END OF SPOILER>>>>>>
  • Poor Dylan (and Jack I suppose).

    I felt extremely sorry both for Jack and Dylan in this episode, but I'm glad that Dylan finally knows the truth about his father. I always thought that although Jack was a bit strange he was a good guy. I was really annoyed with David though for two reasons. Number one: he did not seem to try hard enough to attend Jack's funeral and then when the record company were working on his worst pieces of music and them making them worse he left them to it. I'm glad Steve and Donna were there to encourage him to speak out. Another thing, I don't understand why Kelly can't be nicer to Brenda. Brenda's the one who lost Dylan and then is just trying to be nice, giving him somewhere to stay now his father is dead.
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