Beverly Hills 90210

Season 3 Episode 17

The Game Is Chicken

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 1993 on FOX

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  • brandon's gambling is becoming obvious

    In this episode, Brandon bets on car racing with Steve and a guy Steve diesn't get along with in detention. Brandon's been gambling in past episodes, but it becomes very clear here that this is the beginning of a problem. Kelly and Brenda, while waiting for Dylan to choose (who does this?) go on a date with two kids from Princeton school for boys. Andrea doesn't agree with Brandon and Steves involvement in street racing considering her accident. As the boys meet thier main opponent in the races, Brandon notices the stars hanging from is rear view window and realizes he may be the hit and run driver who hit Andrea. Steve stalls the guy by playing chicken with him because people keep making fun of his money and his mother. Dylan shows up just in time to stop the game of chicken and the cops are right behind him with Andrea, who identifies him as the guy who hit her.
  • in this epidose steve and brandon get into car betting with this guy that bugs steve in detention.kelly and brenda hang out .Andrea finds the guy who hit and run her. Dillan still doesnt know which one to date: kelly or brenda.

    I like this episode cys it provide a different view on the whole series. instaed of kssing there was actually betting and real action. Steve shows his real feelings towards his mom, in this flim and actually acts. the whole brenda , kelly, Dillan situation is a real love trisngle that i find so cool to watch. I think those three are a television classic, athat will remain in Tv history forever. The lasta scene with kelly and brenda just starring rate into dillans eyes, with bb king song " stand by me" was an awesome moment. It really showed the connection between the three and is one of my personal favourites.
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