Beverly Hills 90210

Season 1 Episode 9

The Gentle Art of Listening

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 1990 on FOX

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  • Brenda volunteers at a teen help line.

    "The Gentle Art of Listening" is one of my favourite season one episodes. I love how Brenda wants to volunteer at a teen help line. I love how Andrea is part of the teen help line and she helps train Brenda. It was so intense when that girl called about being raped. It was really interesting how Brenda figured out that the victim is this girl named Bonnie. It was so intense when Bonnie was being attacked. I love how the police showed up and arrested the guys. I love how David becomes the next DJ. I thought Brandon's crush on Nina was funny especially since she had a husband. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • More Filler, and it's a Brenda episode so brace yourself.

    So Brenda is getting sick of not doing anything. All Kelly and Donna want to do is shop. Brenda thought about cheerleading, but she can't stand the cheerleaders. She decides to join the teen hotline with Andrea. Andrea brilliantly questions Brenda, and correctly points out that it's something that you can't just do half-ass. Well a girl is being date raped, and calls in after hours and Brenda is there to take the phone while waiting for Kelly to pick her up. Brenda ends up helping her out and ultimately the culprits are arrested on the spot while doing the dirty deed. Your typical Season 1 episode, as the characters were still being develped. This episode offers nothing as far as historical significance, but one of those "lesson episodes" about date rape I guess. Brandon thinking the older woman likes him is just filler within the filler. MVC: I guess Brenda (4).
  • Brenda to the rescue

    Brenda decides she wants to something other than shop all the time and asks Andrea if she can volunteer at the teen crisis line she works at. Andrea thinks that Brenda is in it for the wrong reasons, but allows her to come anyway. After the first night of watching, Brenda is a little frustrated that she isn't allowed to help yet. After they close the lines Brenda has to return to call Kelly for a ride. While she is there the phone rings and it is a female who explains she was raped. Brenda tries to find out who she is to no avail. The next day she the caller calls back explaining it happened again. Brenda gets Andrea in on the calls and the counselor overseeing the crisis line. The caller calls again and BRenda thinks she knows who it is. The show ends with BRenda confronting the girl at school, breaking the rules and then having the police seige the boys who are committing the crime against the defenseless girl.
  • Brenda trains with Andrea to help at Rap Line. She breaks the rules and breaks into the office after hours to help a girl who is emotional after her boyfriend rapes her and later tracks down the girl if my memory serves me right.

    I thought this episode really brought out the charachter of Shannon.(I can never spell her last name right lol sorry)I am glad she and Andrea finally came to an understanding and opened the Rap line after hours so she can help this girl who is in need of alot of help after being so tramatized. I am also glad that they touched on this horrible thing because it has been happening alot to teenage girls all around the world today. well that's all i have to say or thats' all i can remember pretty much sorry lol all in all a good episode in my opinion.
  • Brenda breaks the rules at the teen hotline and answers the phone after hours and tries to help the girl that called.

    I like how in this episode Brenda and Andrea start to build a friendship. Andrea has doubts about how serious Brenda is about joining "Rap Line" but in the end helps her save Bonnie. When Brenda was trying to tell Andrea what had happened the night before and Andrea wouldn't listen to her and simply jumped to the conclusion that she wouldn't be returning I wanted to slap her (Andrea that is). It was one of the reasons I didn't like Andrea early on in the series - she always had to be right and never gave anyone the benefit of the doubt - but towards the end of the eppy you can see that Andrea was starting to like Brenda and starting to trust her -- definitely character development

    The one thing that I didn't like about Season 1 was how at the end of each eppy it was the end of the story - it was never revisited. It wasn't until the end of season one that they actually started to build and create actual storylines.