Beverly Hills 90210

Season 1 Episode 2

The Green Room

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 1990 on FOX

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  • Hey it's Dylan!

    A pretty nothing show, except for the obvious introduction to Dylan McKay, who will turn out to be the most interesting character of the entire series. Brandon meets Dylan and their friendship will be very up and down throughout the series. It will also make the show what it is, as no matter what happens, and no matter how much they will make each other angry, they will always be their for each other. As far as the Green Room, it's a pretty good example of what you're going to get out of Season 1. Just an episode where the cast is feeling everything out. It's just there. MVC: Brandon (2), Dylan, and Cindy (2)
  • Not bad.

    This episode is the second episode of Beverly Hills 90210 and it focuses around Brenda and Brandon settling in Beverly Hills. The storyline goes two seperate ways, one storyline has Brandon meeting Dylan Mckay, a rich boy who dosen't have a really good reputation and the second storyline focuses on Brenda getting aquainted ( forgive me for the bad spelling ) with her new friends Donna and Kelly. Now Brandon hasn't only met Dylan but he has also met another girl which is being bullied by her so called friends. Beverly Hills 90210 focuses on real life experiences which people our age deal with everday like Drug and alcohol addiction, love drama and friendship dramas aswell. The way it handles these storylines is mixed with some humor and character development in the process but instead of making things more interesting things stay the same all the way through the first season which is one of the things I thought were bad about the show but hey the scripts seem like they were really well written and the actors did a really good job and the music which goes with every scene really sets the mood. Near to the end of the episode Brenda and Brandon save Sarah ( the girl bing bullied ) in a scene which I thought was exciting. Very good episode. At the end of this episode
  • Brandon meets Dylan McKay

    "The Green Room" is a great episode. I love the introduction of Dylan, the "Bad Boy" of Beverly Hills. I love how Brandon becomes friends with Dylan and they go surfing together. I love how Brandon meets Sara and he saves her when she gets into an surfing accident. I love how this episode dealt with drinking and the negative effects it has on people. I give this episode a 8.5/10.
  • Brandon is approached by Andrea, with a writting assignment about being the new kid at school. He meets Dylan McKay and he tries his hand at surfing. Brandon, along with his sister, Brenda, saves the life of Sarah who nearly drowns.

    The Green Room was a very informative episode and a great way to introduce the character of Dylan McKay. We got a climpse of what Dylan\'s life was like, being a lonely, rich kid. It is during this episode that Brandon becomes friends with Dylan. Brandon also tries his hand at surfing with the help of Dylan, but decides surfing his not for him. Brandon was having trouble doing the writting assignment assigned to him by Andrea, but after hanging out with Dylan and his surfer wannabees, and along with his sister, Brenda having saved the life of Sarah, known to Dylan and her surfer buddies as Betty, nearly drowns surfing while drunk, does he find something to write about-being in The Green Room.
    This episode, in my opinion, should have been the first episode not the second.
  • Brandon meets bad boy Dylan McKay and they become friends. Brandon learns that Dylan has a bad boy image and is annoyed by it. Kelly, and Donna leave Brandon and Brenda at the beach and they have a weird incounter w a girl that brandon meets.

    I thought this episode was really good in my opinion it really brings out the character of Brandon and Dylan. I loved dylan's first line in this episode "I'm not in a very good mood today" lol since I've seen this episode I use that line when ppl piss me off and they back off. I thought the seen with the hotel room was funny when he let the idiots think that he didnt live there. I knew that was going to happen I had a little feeling. I felt bad for him when he tried to talk to his parents and they didn't pick up the phone. the editorial Brandon wrote was amazing in my opinion I'm a writer myself and I don't think i can compare my material to his. Now to the rescue part there were two rescues in this episode the one w Dylan saving the two nerds from getting beeten up in the tech lab I thought that was cool actually come to think of it I think that was Luke Perry's first apparence on the show. also Brandon and Brenda saving Betty was awesome I think Brandon did everything though considering he did perform CPR on her. well that's my opinion more to follow