Beverly Hills 90210

Season 9 Episode 1

The Morning After

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 16, 1998 on FOX

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  • Don't Hate Anyone

    Many fans hated when the show broke up Brandon and Kelly at their wedding. But I believe they had no choice. Jason Priestley aka Brandon told the producers that he was leaving to direct. This was exactly like when Ron Howard left Happy Days. They wisely decided in not letting history repeat itself. If Brandon and Kelly got married we fans want to see them together not like Richie calling home during his wedding and birth of his son. It failed miserably and they did not want to repeat the same mistake. So when they broke them up they were spearing us.
  • The Brandon/Kelly break-up continues... along with the viewers' anger and disappointment and disbelief

    I don't think the writers knew what the hell to do with Brandon once Jason announced he was ready to leave. It's like they thought 'well Jennie's not leaving so let's split Brandon and Kelly up in the worst way possible that'll make viewers really hate the couple despite them being central to the show for the past few years, because then we can bring back Luke who once thought he was too good for the show and we'll put Dylan back with Kelly so all will be well.'

    To say Brandon acts conflicted and stupid in this episode, much like in the wedding, is an understatement. A tiny ray of hope exists for fans as Brandon and Kelly sleep together despite calling off the marriage, and that fades when the writing for this episode makes Brandon seem like a majorly confused jackass. He loves Kelly but doesn't want her. He doesn't want her but doesn't want it to be over between them. Does this writing make any sense to anyone? Well it wouldn't do anyway, because Brandon and Kelly's break-up was so contrived that it was beyond funny, it was downright offensive - to fans of the show, shippers of the couple, the couple, and the actors who play the couple.

    Kelly and Brandon are obviously still in love but we are supposed to just accept the fact that they can't be in each other's lives for the foreseeable future. All in all, 90210 jumps the shark. The BK break-up is like the follow-up to the Dylan/Brenda break-up. Just as unbelievable and just as painful. And it wasn't in any way realistic that two people who loved each other this much would just decide to not get married. What crappy writing, I was really upset.
  • I think it sucks that you made Brendon and Kelly break it off they are so perfect together

    I am upset that you broke up Kelly and Brendon I think you should of had them stay together and get married. They are so perfect for eachother they make a better couple than Dylan and kelly or brendon and Tracy. You still should have kept them together and him in the show