Beverly Hills 90210

Season 2 Episode 14

The Next 50 Years

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 07, 1991 on FOX

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  • Tragic Episode

    This episode dealt with two issues a student who have become an outcast and guns. As Brian Austin Green's character David Silver rises and becomes part of the gang his former friend Scott Scanlon becomes an outcast. His mother treated him as a little kid and had to make David feel guilty to go to his birthday party and get his friends to come. Scott's birthday party was really embarrassing with cowboy hats and a cake with toys. Then Scott was in his father's den and played with his gun and killed himself. Then in the aftermath David become smothered and lost it with Brandon. He was so right its how we treated Scott when he was alive.
  • Pretty sure Brian Austin Green would point to this as when the David Silver character was "made".

    Absolute classic episode, and really the episode that signaled the arrival of David and Donna. We also got a peek into the darker side of David Silver, something we would see more of during his college years. His best friend Scott has his birthday coming up, and Scott's overbearing mom pressures David into helping with a surprise party, and getting kids to come. Unfortunately Scott is a dweeb, and not very popular. David, with help from Donna, gets the gang to show up for the big party. At the party David saves it and really makes it a good birthday for Scott by getting everyone to dance and have fun. Brandon and Emily have a little too much fun and get caught making out in Scott's little brother's room. Mrs. Scanlon doesn't like that too much and tells Brandon and Emily they have to leave. Well as they all get ready for birthday cake, Scott finds a gun in his dad's desk. When David comes in to find him, Scott is twirling it around "like Wyatt Earp" as David describes it. But the gun slips and explodes killing Scott right in front of David as he looks on in horror. From there David is an emotional mess and has an emotional interview with Brandon for the Blaze piece on Scott. Very very sad, but very very good. MVC: Who Else? David (7) and Donna (4)
  • Sad episode.

    It was sad that the entire season david blew scott off. Now he does this nice thing for him by throwing him a party and getting the "popular" kids to show up. It's sad he died like that. They were best friends for so long, but they grew apart over one summer. David said scott was his best friend, if that's true why does he never mention him again in the entire series. No one ever mentions scott's name again. Except for the episode where david helps out Scott's sister. But in the later years no one mentions his name. . .
  • Wow! Best episode I've seen from the pilot up until now! Brian Austin Green was magnificent, and I'm finally starting to see acting ability from Tori Spelling.

    This episode is the best I've seen from the pilot up until now!

    I've got a long way to go though, 8 more seasons, but I don't think another episode could get better than this.

    Brian Austin Green was magnificent in this episode. Emmy ahoy!! Tori Spelling, after so many episodes, I'm finally starting to see a character emerge out of her.

    Oh and did anyone else notice Andrea? She threw in a floppy disk at the 50 year time capsule event and said in 50 years this will probably be rubbish!

    LOL! It only took 10-15 years for floppy disks to become obsolete! Hahaha
  • How exciting!!

    WOW! This was an awesome episode!! Scott has a surprise birthday party and David has to invite people. The surprise is ruined when Brandon and Emily show up late then Scott comes. Scott and Donna try to make the party better by dancinc then Brandon and Emily sneak upstairs. OMG that was funny when the kids came in and they tried to act all cool. Got love Brandon! OMG I can't believe Scott played with the gun and shot himself in the stomach!! I like at the end though when David put the Scott's hat in their time capsile then they did the fireworks.
  • Turning Point

    What a great episode!! In my opinion, this is when David officially becomes part of the gang. It could be argued that Yosemite Park was when he becomes part of the group, however Kelly does mention Mel & Jackie wanted David to tag along with them. I think the writers decided to kill off Scott because he really had no importance to the series, other than being David's bestfriend, and I think the writers didn't know what to do with his character. The scene in the DJ booth was Brian Austin Green's finest performance. I did heard rumours (after this episode originally aired) that Scott would make recurring appearences "haunting" David, but I guess that plan fell threw.
  • David's best friend Scott kills himself- accidently

    This is an amazing episode, David who has been distant with Scott is forced into throwing him a birthday party and invites the gang to his p-arty, although they don't want to go they show up for David.
    this also shows the real beginning of Andrea's true feelings for Brandon when she gets upset that he was asked to leave the party because he was making out with Emily at the party.
    This is also the beginning of when we realize that Donna is the one who really accepts David as one of them. I love the scene that shows Donna going off on David whe she is the ony one who truly supports him.