Beverly Hills 90210

Season 8 Episode 32

The Wedding (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 20, 1998 on FOX

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  • "the wedding that didn't happen"

    I remember the first time this aired. I was at the end of middle school, and had been watching 90210 since I was a little girl, eagerly waiting for Brandon and Kelly to get together, praying for them to stay together, hoping they'd get back together.. I am definately a Brandon and Kelly fan. I waited and waited for this moment, had my vhs in the vcr to record what I was sure to be the happiest 90210 moment ever....

    And then they decided to to do it. Why go through all of that, just to decide not to get married. I believe that they wanted one last big Jason Priestly moment before he left. But all in all, it doesnt' make sense. Why would Brandon and Kelly go through everything they did just to call off their wedding at last minute?? She chose Brandon over him, they spent years trying to get back together, her pregnancy, and miscarriage, Brandon going on about how he wanted a family with her someday.. The shooting, the drugs, the fire, Finley, etc. After all of that I think they'd know whether they'd want to be together or not, and it wouldn't take a wedding to make them realize. And about them being more like brother and sister than husband and wife?? Well, we never saw him make out with Brenda, now did we?

    Basically, I think they wanted a little bit of excitement, but couldn't pull through. I think they should have left well enough alone, and when Jason left the show Kelly and Brandon could have broken up without almost saying "I do."