Beverly Hills 90210

Season 2 Episode 26

Things to Do on a Rainy Day

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 1992 on FOX

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  • Donna and her friends sneak into the Bel Age Hotel so that she can meet her favorite gorup - but the sneaking around is not done simply by her, Kelly, David and Brenda

    I like this eppy, partly for the reason most of it was filled with laughter (the gang trying to meet Color Me Badd and the guys hiring a stripper) but there is a big surprise - Donna's mother Felice is having an affair and for once we can see Donna truly as a person and not simply as Kelly's sidekick. I felt bad for Donna - here she was trying to have fun with her friends and feared she would get caught when she saw her mother and Felice told her she was in the hotel for a conference when in reality her mother was meeting her lover - so sad for Donna.
  • This is a the one that starts showing Donna has real problems.

    Poor Donna! David, Kelly, Donna and Brenda try sneak into the hotel where Color Me Badd is staying. Kelly gets seperated from the gang after she steals the housekeepers elevator key and goes to the Penthouse Suite. Donna runs into her mom in the lobby, and says, "David's dad has a room" Then later sees her mom having an affair upstairs in one of the rooms. Brenda & David get lost and then locked out in the rain. Finally meet up in the room with Donna and she confides in them that she's having an affair. Meanwhile, Kelly runs into one of the singers and gets invited to spend the whole afternoon with them in their room. I also think Brandon Dylan and Steve hire a stripper and when Andrea shows up unexpectantly they say that she is a "Cindy's cousin from out of town" after Andrea leaves they all feel they know the stripper too well besides Steve to see her strip. When they walk her out the door Jim & Cindy come in and she shakes her hand and says, "I'm Cindy's cousin" and says goodbye and leaves. The parents look at Brandon and look confused. Later on Kelly brings Color Me Badd to the peach pit to sing a song for Donna, after she hears about her parents' struggles.

    Her parents agree to get marriage counceling.

    Donna is actually more character developed in this episode besides the speaking out on the condom issue then in any other earlier episodes. I'll give this episode a 9.7 because it's really well written and funny at the same time.
  • Spoilers warning! Series classic! Donna, Kelly & David sneak off to the bel age to see Color Me Badd.

    This fantastic episode of season 2 finally showed Donna having an ongoing problem. It came as a shock that Felice Martin, the most moral parent, would be cheating on her husband. The story line between Kelly, Donna and David was entertaining an included a shocking twist. Color Me Badd made a great performance at the Pit, and they weren't too bad actors.

    The Brandon, Dylan & Steve part of the story was pretty funny, especially when Andrea showed up and wanted to discuss the Blaze. Another funny part was the boys lying about the stripper. "You must be Aunt Cindy."

    Possibly the best episode of the season, and this one i would watch again. Cleverly titled 'Things to do on a Rainy Day,' i would rewatch this one on a rainy day.
  • This episode shows what 90210 did best, mixing serious issues with light-hearted humor.

    This is a classic episode of Beverly Hills, 90210. It mixes humor and pop culture with a serious event that flips Donna's life upside down. Steve, Brandon, Dylan and Andrea spend a rainy afternoon hanging out with a stripper in the Walsh family living room. When it's finally time for Andrea to go home and the stripper to get naked, the boys freak out and can't watch.

    Meanwhile, David, Donna, Brenda and Kelly spend the day running around the Bel Age Hotel trying to meet 90s boy band Color Me Badd, a personal favorite of Donna's. While there Donna sees her mother with a man and learns that she is having an affair. Felice, Donna's mother, agrees to confess to her husband after Donna confronts her about it.