Beverly Hills 90210

Season 3 Episode 3

Too Little, Too Late/Paris 75001

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 29, 1992 on FOX

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  • Brenda and Donna hilariously try to find their way around Paris. Brandon reaffirms his friendship with Andrea. Dylan and Kelly turn to each other's company in the absence of Brenda and Jake, setting the stage for future deeds with obvious flirting.

    I remember the pain of watching this episode as a young kid, as well as the rest of season three, because of the deterioration of Brenda and Dylan's relationship. I screamed. I cried. I vowed to permanently detach myself from Dylan and Kelly if I ever saw him lay a hand on her in a leopard print bikini again. But the truth is that I needed to grow up to appreciate the importance of these necessary life trials.

    This is an episode where every character grows up just a little bit more. Brandon's relationship with Andrea has always been based on a mutual respect, but up till this point, he's been able to fall back on her at a moment's notice. No matter how many beautiful babes offered Brandon the dilemma of to dance or not to dance, Andrea would be waiting with her mother's dress and the hope that her turn would come. I'm glad the two of them realized that they don't have tiptoe around when dating other people because their friendship is what's important.

    This episode also has some classic Brenda and Donna moments. The dinner scene when they unknowingly order some fanciful (but gross) Parisian food is one of my favorite moments of the entire series. Donna is so funny and sweet. It's great to see the less competitive dynamic of their friendship without Kelly around. Brenda's desire for independence often comes across as self-centered and bossy, but what I love about her is that she owns up to her mistakes. It was nice to see her admit to Donna that she was too pushy, although her intentions were good. Plus, Brenda's spiel about being her own woman really got to me and reveals a lot about her character. I know a lot of people don't like storylines with Dylan's father, but I look forward to moments when he reveals more about his past. He internalizes so much that it's unhealthy, and I appreciate how Kelly listens to his problems without judging. Though I still find it hard to watch their friendship become so touchy-feely, I admit their conversation about remembering each other from kindergarten is actually very sweet. Kelly can be so jaded one moment, then kind and dreamy the next; this makes her such an interesting, empathetic character. The contrast between Brenda and Donna's trip to Paris and Dylan and Kelly's growing affections on the beach builds tension and makes for a complexly awesome episode.
  • Brenda and Donna navigate their way through Paris and the immersion program. Dylan tries to begin mending fences with his father by writing a letter to parole board; Dylan and Kelly begin their dalliance and Brandon tries to sort he feelings for Andrea.

    I loved this episode mostly because it showed Paris. I still think Paris is the most lovely and romantic city on earth. Further, the culture and history make it pleasing in all aspects.
    Brenda and Donna fudging their dinner order is CLASSIC and so funny.
    I also enjoyed Brandon's attempt to sort his feeling for Andrea; very realistic and developed both characters in unique ways.
    Dylan's attempt to reconnect with dad paralled that of Brenda and her father. The juxtaposition was well written and touching. It was good to delve into Dylan's relationship with his dad, now that he's older.
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