Beverly Hills 90210

Season 4 Episode 29

Truth and Consequences

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 04, 1994 on FOX

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    In this episode Brenda is a complete bee-atch, even though she can't act her way out of a paper bag! We are treated to everyone having to pretend Brenda is a better actress than Laura. Roy Randolph even goes so far as to say Brenda is the best actress for the part -- that man earned his paycheck right there! Great climactic scene in the theater at the end, a nice location switch for the show. Laugh with and at this episode.
  • Brenda wins the lead,much to the amazement of those who saw her audition.Steve starts a rumor that Brenda slept with Roy.Dylan is the only person who completely believes Brenda's denial.

    I think Brenda is the real soulmate of Dylan, not Kelly. Their relationship is very special. They know each other very well and they are best friends also. In this episode all of Brenda\'s friends and Brandon can\'t trust her except Dylan because \"he knows her\" even more than everybody.
  • Everyone thinks Brenda slept with Roy Randolph to get the part, everyone that is except for Dylan

    This again shows how much Dylan and Brenda mean to each other, he knows she could never sleep with someone just to get ahead that is not her style.
    I hate Laura, she is an awful character and she annoys me.
    Love how Brenda and Dylan sit in the student union and discuss how he knows she didnt sleep with randolph, his answer was simple "because i know you" he is the only one who truly knows her even more than brandon her own twin brother.
  • I hate Laura.

    I am glad Brenda won the part but I hate Steve starting the rumour that she slept with him - Steve knows her better than that (or should do) and cannot believe that Dylan is the only one who thinks she didn't sleep with him. I felt so sorry for Brenda but glad she made up with the girls.
    I hate Laura too for trying to sabotage Brenda's role in the play, especially for talking about trying to harm her. And then she tries to commit suicide - they always said actors were dramatic.
    I am glad the Chancellor finally learnt about Clare's behaviour.