Beverly Hills 90210

Season 6 Episode 16

Turn Back the Clock

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 03, 1996 on FOX

Episode Recap

Clare returns after a few days out of town, and the gang fills her in on the events that transpired over New Year's. Susan's ex-boyfriend Jonathan came to town and irritated Brandon with his constant presence. On New Year's Eve, he revealed that he was still in love with Susan and hinted that he shared a mysterious connection with her. Jonathan planted an extra-long good night kiss on Susan, prompting Brandon to challenge him to a fight. Colin convinced Valerie to hold onto his coke supply so that Kelly would not realize that he was still using. Val drove the wasted Colin home on New Year's Eve, leading to a dispute with David. Kelly blamed Valerie for Colin's addiction, so Val turned over the coke to her and washed her hands of the whole thing. The bird that Joe gave to Donna for Christmas escaped from the apartment. David, Donna and Joe spent hours trying to coax the bird out of the tree. Joe snapped at Donna for not showing compassion for the bird, but then showed up at the Rose Parade with a sign that made light of the situation. Steve had to watch his moronic half-brothers, Ryan and Austin, while his dad was out of town. The teenagers T.P'd the house, crashed the party at the After Dark, and smeared shaving cream on Steve's car. Steve plans to expose their deeds to Rush, but shows mercy on them in exchange for a day of hard labor. Susan apologizes to Brandon and assures him that she set Jonathan straight. Brandon apologizes for losing his temper, but lets Susan know that he really was bothered.