Beverly Hills 90210

Season 5 Episode 24

Unreal World

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 15, 1995 on FOX

Episode Recap

As a class project, David and Clare plan to film a documentary about an eclectic group of roommates. When the subjects back out, David and Clare decide to impersonate them, with help from Steve, Donna, Kelly and Brandon. A number of incidents cause the group to break character. Steve becomes depressed after learning that Celeste is engaged (not to the high school sweetheart she chose over Steve, but to an airman she just met). David consoles Donna, who is still traumatized by the rape attempt, and they end up kissing. Clare witnesses this on a monitor and responds by making a pass at Steve. Kelly gets drunk from spiked watermelon. She finds out that Jackie and Mel are moving in together and launches into a tirade about cheating men. This prompts the group to conduct a discussion about lost loves, in which David admits that he still loves Donna. David and Clare get into a spat while editing the video and decide to break up. Andrea and Jesse briefly share bliss. She tries to confess her affair, but he stuns her by admitting to a one-night stand. Valerie runs out of money and moves back in with the Walshes. She and Dylan are reunited after he and Charley see her at a movie premiere at the club.
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