Beverly Hills 90210

Season 4 Episode 30

Vital Signs

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 11, 1994 on FOX

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  • Perfunctory Episode

    This episode sets up a great future storyline involving Dylan so absorb those seemingly innocuous scenes. More hilarity as we are supposed to believe Brenda is this amazing actress. They are stil figuring out Clare's character. A lot of practical ground is covered, no shocking cliffhangers or hairpin turns, though. Good to watch while baking cookies or mopping the floor.
  • Dylan gives Brenda an opening night gift and Kelly and Dylan end their relationship

    Before opening night, Dylan leaves Brenda a gift in her dressing room and when he shows up at the Walsh house for a meeting with her father, they talk in the kitchen, you can still see the love between the two of them and they are on a verge of a kiss! Too bad they couldn't actually kiss. Then when Dylan drives Kelly to the hospital they fight as usual and break up - which opens the door for the next episode when Kelly flies to Washington to be with Brandon.
    The best part of this episode is the original promo - it shows Brenda and Dylan in high school with the song "don't dream it's over" in the background and the tag line says: "she may have been out of the picture, but she has never been out of his heart, tonight, Brenda and Dylan discover first love never dies" or something like that - ahhhh
  • Dylan and Brenda!

    I was losing hope that Dylan still had lingering feelings for Brenda but it has been restored thanks to his lovely good-luck present and the conversation they later had in the Walsh's kitchen. And now Kelly and Dylan have broken up there is a shot they can get back together (I know its a long shot but its better than no shot.)
    I am pleased to learn than David and Steve have grown up and can start thinking sensibly. David because he dropped out of the band because they were all druggies and Steve for going to see Brenda's play.
    My thoughts go to Andrea - poor her but I thought it was sweet that Gabrielle gave birth to her daughter the day this episode aired.