Beverly Hills 90210

Season 2 Episode 28

Wedding Bell Blues

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 07, 1992 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When Jake and Kelly are talking as he is leaving after completing the work in her house, the right side of her hair goes back and forth from being behind her shoulder, to in front of her shoulder.

  • Quotes

    • Andrea: If four out of ten marriages end in divorce and Kelly's mom's been divorced three times and David's dad's been divorced once, then they've already beat the odds. Between them both they've been divorced four times. This marriage is gonna last forever.

    • Brenda: Donna, what kind of wedding are you gonna have?
      Donna: I don't know. Maybe something traditional in a church. Or maybe I'll do something really wild, like that couple who got married bungee jumping.
      Kelly: Bungee jumping?
      Donna: Yeah, it's totally perfect. You know, you jump off the cliff with the long, rubber cord attached to you. It's totally death defying, just like marriage.

  • Notes

    • Featured Music:
      Wedding Bell Blues by The Fifth Dimension
      Bye Bye Love by The Everly Brothers
      Felix Mendelssohn's A Midsummer Night's Dream, incidental music, Op. 61 Wedding March by the wedding organist
      Blue Moon performed by the wedding singer
      Stand by Me performed by the wedding singer
      Under The Boardwalk performed by the wedding band
      Do You Love Me performed by the wedding band

    • Jennie Garth had a prominent role in the pilot episode of Melrose Place on 8 Jul 92. Tori Spelling, Ian Ziering and Brian Austin Green also guest-starred.

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