Beverly Hills 90210

Season 5 Episode 1

What I Did on My Summer Vacation and Other Stories

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 07, 1994 on FOX

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  • A new beginning...

    I didn't expect great things once I heard Shannen Doherty was leaving the show, and definitely when I heard she wasn't coming back. Once the original cast starts to be altered and people start leaving, it definitely isn't amazing like it used to be. But Season 5 90210 is still on form.

    New girl Valerie, played by Saved by the Bell's Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, is refreshing. As a main cast member she really does work well in the show, and the character is a complete 180 of the girl she played who married Zack Morris. It's strange to see her in Brenda's old room I have to admit, but Brenda not coming back is something viewers have to adjust to for the remainder of the show.

    Cast members do look a little different this season. Jason Priestley has a goatee, which (thankfully!) has gone by the following episode. Jennie Garth actually suits short hair, it makes her look more mature and also makes the character Kelly seem more mature. She, Tiffani and Tori Spelling all have short hair this season and it just seems fitting for the season.

    The chemistry is still evident between the core cast. Brandon and Kelly are finally dating and have been throughout the summer; Kelly even visited Minnesota with his family. Donna and David are still estranged from each other after his cheating in the S4 finale. Steve returns to find out Brandon is dating Kelly and feels awkward about it, but soon develops feelings for Valerie. Dylan, on the other hand, is completely isolated from the group. He's broke and Brenda has not come back to him.

    All in all, this was a strong season opener. It was more about introducing Valerie into the show and there are exciting scenes such as when the group take her to a club. For once, the episode is more or less drama-free, with the exception of Donna missing David and Dylan's isolation.
  • Brandon and Kelly are dating. Steve is instantly attracted to Valerie. Andrea is adjusting to having a husband and baby. David and Donna are done and he moves into the dorms. Dylan is drinking after losing all his money as well as Kelly and Brenda.

    This is the episode in which Valeria Malone is introduced which turns 90210 into a whole different show. This 5th season opener doesn't have the same feeling as the first 4 seasons. All the characters have changed their looks, with Brandon sporting a ridiculous goatee and Donna and Kelly with much shorter and blonder hair. The only good part to this episode is that Brandon and Kelly are officially together. David is somewhat outcasted by the gang due to cheating on Donna and since Andrea is married with a baby, she is somewhat excluded from the gang as well. Although I'm not a huge Dylan fan, he has gone downhill drinking and sulking about losing his money and Brenda. He wants Kelly back, thus setting up a triangle between Brandon, Kelly, and Dylan. No longer is the show about a group of friends who, for the most part, get along and hang out with each other. Its now about Kelly hating Valerie, David and Donna on the outs,Andrea with her own life, and Dylan being an alcoholic. In regards to Valerie, it would have been more believable had she been a relative that way there would have been no possibility for a Brandon/Valeria pairing. With her on the show, it turned into even more of a soap opera more unrealistic and exagerated storylines. This is a very pivotal episode as the whole show dynamic has begun to change.
  • Shaking things up!

    I think Valerie Malone is just what they need. It's an extra woman to shake things up relationship wise, so everything doesn't seem so incestuous between them all. Frankly, I'm glad to see there being a "bad girl" in the ensemble cast. It made fodder for interesting relationships, sexual or otherwise.
  • Get rid of Valerie.

    Valerie is awful - I hate her, she doesn't like the rest of the gang and is completely different to everyone else. I say bring Brenda back.
    I feel sorry for Steve though, after finally making up with Celeste, she dumps him again and then learns that Kelly (the "love of his life") is going out with Brandon. I don't see what he sees in Valerie, she is a pig and smokes pot - what's to like?
    I felt sorry for Dylan too - although I don't thinnk drinking is the answer to his problems.
    I am fed up with the constant arguing between Donna, David and Kelly although I did agree with Kelly when I thought the video David made was funny - especially Nat pretending to be a teacher. I wish everyone would go back to the Peach Pit though.
    I am glad Hannah is finally going home - and poor Jesse having to be a bartender.
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