Beverly Hills 90210

Season 3 Episode 14

Wild Horses

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 18, 1992 on FOX

Episode Recap

Dylan's Porsche breaks down near a secluded ranch. The wealthy owner takes him in and wants him to stay permanently (as her boy toy). Dylan is disappointed when she sells her favorite horse, and decides not to live in an environment where everything is for sale. Brenda and Kelly make up. David fires Steve as manager after he is humiliated at a showcase because he had to go on without a sound check. Nikki is stunned when her ex-boyfriend Diesel's band performs a song he had written for her. Brandon cannot understand why Nikki is so taken with an abusive, boozing jerk. Nikki tries to leave when Diesel brings home another woman, so he hits her. Fortunately, heroic Brandon shows up to save the day and knocks him flat. The janitor warns Steve that he may have to turn him in to save himself. He convinces Herbert to take the heat, but his conscience weighs heavily on him. After getting an earful from Herbert, Steve decides to make amends with his friends and confess to Mrs. Teasley. He refuses to name his accomplice and is expelled from school.
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