Beverly Hills 90210

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 12, 1991 on FOX

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  • After Dylan dates Emily - he and Brenda get back together

    After Brenda meets Emily she has no idea that emily is going on a date with Dylan, although Brenda likes her - her jealousy gets the best of her when she verbally attacks emily at the Walsh barbeque... eventually Brenda apologizes to Emily and more importantly Brenda and Dylan get back together - with Dylan's key quote as : "what ever it took to get you back here" he said that to brenda in his car when they got back together
  • Extremely important episode

    This is a very loaded episode, and pretty good overall. Lots of different dynamics working on the first day of school. The most obvious being the debut of Emily Valentine, who actually would re-emerge in seasons 4 and 5, and even referenced in Season 7. She's the new girl, rides a bike, and all the guys at West Beverly. The first one to meet her is Dylan. Dylan asks her out on a date. Moments later, she meets Brandon, who also asks her out on a date. On top of that she winds up in the Kelly-Brenda-Donna clique and the 4 of them are planning a skit for the talent contest. But when it's revealed to Brenda that Emily is going out with Dylan the proverbial **** hitteth the fan!" She ends up making out with Dylan on the date, and the very net night, Brandon takes her to the same spot and he makes out with her as well. Round and round we go, and Emily finds herself being ridiculed (unfairly I might add) by Brenda. Brenda eventually apologizes and they all go through with the talent contest. Brenda ends up back together with Dylan to close out the episode. It's also worth noting that David gets freaked out by Scott and his fascination with guns. David ends with "cool it with the guns." No truer words could have ever been spoken. Really good episode. MVC: Brandon (24), Brenda (18), Dylan (12), and David (6)
  • The gang's second junior year starts. Emily Valentine comes to down and charms all the boys. She dates Dylan, and then Brandon and makes Bren jealous. In the end, Bren has nothing to worry about as she and Dylan reunite, in Dylan's car to Chris Issak

    Recently, this episode has probably become my all-time favorite 90210 episode. I see it as the pinnacle of the Brenda/Dylan angst that really started in "Beach Blanket Brandon." The gang, walking up to West Bev, on the first day of school, is so classic and meeting Emily Valentine is so cool. Too bad she went super-psycho several episodes later. The final scene, with B/D making up and getting back together, just might be my all-time favorite 90210 scene. This is a superb episode. Now that Season 2 drops May 1, 2007, anyone who has never checked this wonderful episode out can finally see what I'm talking about!