Beverly Hills 90210

Season 7 Episode 20

With This Ring

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 1997 on FOX

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  • For just a moment, Brandon and his alter ego.

    I had watched this episode before but just realized that Brandon is talking to an older Germanized version of himself in the scene where he attempts to return Kelly's engagement ring to the store where he purchased it. The old, bad makeup, German accented jewelry store owner that Brandon ponders over his love for Kelly with and the possibility that he is ready to let go of it, is none other than Brandon himself!! (Jason Priestly!!) Now that's just plain weird. Jason Priestly was a busy man in this episode in that he also directed it. Otherwise, a cool episode.
  • Brandon returns the ring and Kelly pretends she is happy about it

    OMG, this was such a great episode, but I was also extremely frustrated by it.
    First of all you could tell neither Brandon nor Kelly wanted the ring to be returned and when Tracy shows up at kellys to ask if she is still in love with Brandon was such a great scene, "You had your chance"
    and then when Kelly and Brandon see each other out side the store and she pretends to support his decision to return the ring when you can tell it is killing the both of them,
    the best scene however is the very last scene when kelly admits she bought the ring for herself after brandon returned it, so sad!