Beverly Hills 90210

Season 10 Episode 3

You Better Work

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 1999 on FOX

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  • Noah, attempting to make Donna jealous asks a waitress out. The gang assists Donna at putting together her mens line, which was not ready due to a fire started by Gina. Gina, at Matt's request, must attone, by inviting a critic to the show.

    Cheese fest. I hated the huddle up of the guys, to discuss their plan to help the girls by modeling. Please, how lame can we be. Gina, as portrayed by Vanessa Marcil is the bright spot in the show. It is a real pity that the writers wasted such a charasmatic person.
    Steve and Janet's subplot was sweet, and I rolled my eyes at David coming to Dylan's assistance at getting accepted to college, however it was slightly sweet, almost cavity causing, but well meaning. For some reason, seasons 9 and 10 were just too similar in plot line to other previous episodes, plus the cast just didn't seem involved or passionate about the show. I think they were all ready to move on.