Beverly Hills Bordello

Showtime (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Things Your Wife Won't Do
      A romantic anniversary celebration goes sour for Bill and Marie when Bill wants to spice up their sex life but his Marie isn’t as adventurous. Frustrated, Bill takes his desires to the Beverly Hills Bordello.
    • The Witness
      The Witness
      Episode 13
      When a former Beverly Hills Bordello employee, now a federal agent, sequesters a witness at the bordello, with an unlimited account, undercover takes on a whole new meaning.
    • Divine Inspiration
      Divine Inspiration
      Episode 12
      Veronica’s new assistant is in reality an investigative reporter for a religious publication who is writing an expose on the Beverly Hills Bordello until Veronica helps him to see the light from a different direction.
    • Role Play
      Role Play
      Episode 11
      A Hollywood starlet decides to delve deep into reality in order to research an upcoming role as a showbiz call girl.
    • Research
      Episode 10
      A college coed writing an expose on prostitution struggles with objectivity during an undercover stint at that haven of eroticism known as the Beverly Hills Bordello.
    • Performance
      Episode 9
      Veronica helps an employee, who has lost interest in her work, regain her enjoyment of the profession.
    • Love Lessons
      Love Lessons
      Episode 8
      On the eve of their wedding soon to be bride, Delores, sends her fiance, Ralph, to the Beverly Hills Bordello for expert lessons in lovemaking techniques.
    • Janet & The Professor
      Janet enrolls her professor friend in a private crash course for a master's degree in pleasure at Beverly Hills Bordello University.
    • In The Clinches
      In The Clinches
      Episode 6
      When a shady European customer named Otto threatens to expose the Bordello and it’s cliental if Veronica doesn’t give him free services, Veronica enlists the help of the local police chief foil the blackmailer.
    • Girlfriends
      Episode 5
      Girl talk takes an erotic turn when Jane, Allison, Tracy and Nancy compare notes and reveal their innermost fantasies to and of each other.
    • Exchange Program
      Exchange Program
      Episode 4
      A Latina Call girl provides and eye-opening education when the establishment joins a foreign exchange program.
    • Taboo
      Episode 3
      When Jennifer finds herself having erotic fantasies about a female co-worker, she seeks advice from the Beverly Hills Bordello's on-line service and gets some friendly advice.
    • Bachelor Party
      Bachelor Party
      Episode 2
      A soon to be bride follows her fiancé to the bordello to watch his bachelor party.
    • Adultery - Cyber Style

      When they enter the Beverly Hills Bordello “virtual” blue room where “anything is possible and everything is legal” two couples engage in “virtual” wife-swapping.

  • Season 1
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