Was Beverly Hills Teens a spin-off of Maxie's World?

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    I heard a story not so long ago that Beverly Hills Teens was actually a spin-off of the Maxie's World cartoon and I would like to know if the story is true? According to the story I read the character Bianca and the characters Chester and Wilshire appeared in several Maxie's World episodes as Maxie's friends and Beverly Hills Teens was born from these Maxie's World cartoons. I find it surprising that when the Maxie dolls debuted in 1987 Hasbro Toys didn't make a Beverly Hills Teens doll line to be sold along with the Maxie dolls as well,

    Was there gonna be Beverly Hills Teens dolls but when Hasbro cancelled the product line Beverly Hills Teens got made into a cartoon by DIC Entertainment as a spin-off of Maxie's World?,


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