Beverly Hills Teens

(ended 1988)





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  • The Rich Snobby Version of Archie And His Friends

    I was hooked on this episode from the beginning. All the girls were drawn like babes, especially Lark and Bianca. This was probably meant to be a pre-school Archies, but a lot of teenagers watched this just to see the characters get into adventures too wierd to be true. The stories and ideas were far-fetched and the stereotypes of the spoiled rich kids were stretched thin, but the characters were the best ! If anything, the show was a satire of Beverly Hills excess and materialism, but a few of the characters were likable. Lark and Troy were the top All-American characters. Troy was constantly pursued by snobbish Bianca Dupree, who looked like a little sister of Archie's Veronica, and Lark was pursued by Pierce Thorndyke, the ego-centric Reggie Mantle to Troy's Archie. Lark's friends were the Southern Belle Tara Southington, cow girl Blaze Summers, honor student Shanell Spenser and the worldly Nikki Darling. The series was rounded out by the rockers, Gig and Jet, huckster Radley Crown, Pierce's little sister Jillian and the annoying gossip Shelia, better known as Switchboard. The humor was always tongue in cheek, but the series was a very popular ride while it lasted. Of all the hit carttons of the Eighties, I could see this one re-created today.