Beverly Hills Teens

(ended 1988)





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  • Before 91210 there was this show.

    This show brings me back quite a few. Though in reality I never actually watched this show when it aired on tv, I was born in 1988 so I missed it, though it's not something I'm really saddened by. Not to say this show wasn't decent, it's just kinda like how I missed the 80's. There's nothing really I can do about it. Anyway, when I was about five, my father had a knack for buying me whatever vhs cartoon tapes he could find. One day, I found a tape called Beverly Hills teens. The cover caught my interset as it had the pretty girls on it and my dad thought it looked ok. I remember watching an episode on the tape of the gang getting lost in the woods after a freak accident with Radley's surf machine and the river. I remember liking the show but I didn't go back often to the tape, though I know I watched it more than once. Years later I found the tape amoung an old pile of my old vhs's. I was happy to see it and had remembered spotting it before. I played and watched it again, this time at a much older age. I thought it was alright but not great. I later found more episodes on youtube and have watched a few. In comparsion I remember liking the theme song back then and still like it now. Sometimes it's the best part of the show. It screams and bleeds 80's and brings a smile to your face. Overall, the show itself is decent. It has a lot of characters, an interesting atmosphere, and because the kids are rich; an advantage is given to the writers to strech their imagination. But overall as well, it's somewhat dissapointing. It has the good animation and the decent storylines but doesn't use them to their full potential. This show came out years before 91210 and even Party of Five. Not to say it was meant to be an adult show, but the idea was there. Who knows? Maybe you can't show older teenagers hanging out in a kid's point of view. Or at least what Archie and the gang haven't already done.