Beware the Batman

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Saturday 3:00 AM Aug 02, 2014 on Adult Swim
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Ra's al Ghul uses the mind-controlled Jason Burr to steal the Ion Cortex from Wayne Industries and plunge Gotham City into darkness.

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    Anthony Ruivivar

    Anthony Ruivivar

    Thomas Wayne

    Guest Star

    JB Blanc

    JB Blanc

    Batcomputer/Young Alfred

    Guest Star

    Abraham Benrubi

    Abraham Benrubi

    Street Thug 2

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      • Ra's al Ghul: Don't blame yourself, Agent Pennyworth. You came closer to finding me than any before you. But you never had a chance. You are just a man and I am Ra's al Ghul.

      • Alfred: Good morning. Breakfast is ready. Can I interest you in some solid food today?
        Batman: The new carbon-nanotube cape frame is a significant upgrade. It's strong enough to keep an elephant in the air.
        Alfred: Handy... if you encounter a free-falling elephant. Liquid again. Your streak is intact.

      • Bruce: We all have a hand in this. The moment we solve the world's energy crisis is something we all want to remember.
        Alfred: Careful, Bruce. The higher one aims, the further one can fall. Icarus learned that the hard way.
        Bruce: Icarus just needed better technology.

      • Bruce: Once we step through this door, the world will never be the same.
        Alfred: At least you're maintaining perspective.
        Tatsu: Yeah. Now it's official. There's no way this can live up to your hype.

      • Alfred: This isn't your fault. No one can foresee everything. Not even you.
        Batman: You've been telling me that since I was a kid.
        Alfred: And it never quite sunk in.

      • Young Bruce: I couldn't help my parents. But I helped you.
        Alfred: This time. But you must respect your limits.
        Young Bruce: Not if I don't have any.

      • Jason: When it does, I get my own island as promised, right?
        Ra's al Ghul: Succeed, and your reward will be whatever you wish. Fail, and you will suffer in ways you cannot imagine.
        Jason: What does that mean?
        Lady Shiva: It means... don't fail.

      • Alfred: You can do better than that, Master Wayne.
        Young Bruce: That wasn't fair.
        Alfred: That's why it's called an unfair advantage.

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