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CN's DC Nation block has been a total failure - thanks to Cartoon Network

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    First - they won't even air the shows in any kind of reasonable time frame - there were huge gaps between episodes of Young Justice - one time they even aired just one or two new episodes then didn't show anymore for months.

    Second - they treat their audience like crap. They refused to tell us YJ was cancelled even though they had already begun filming/animating Teen Titans Go. We are always subject to episode delays OUT OF NOWHERE - sometimes you wouldn't even find out an ep was on until you went to watch it on the DVR and it turned out to be a totally different show.

    Third - they air the shows at the wrong time! YJ and GL should have been aired in the evening - not late saturday mornings when kids are playing outside and older peeps like myself are hungover from friday night.

    Fourth - they cancel superior shows for inferior ones. YJ and GL were both excellent and had top notch writing (well the pilot of GL was only so-so but improved massively after that) where Teen Titans Go is beyond stupid and silly - unwatchable really - and Beware the Batman is a HUGE letdown - even when compared to their previous cgi attempt GL.

    So.... what now? My opinion is that if CN is unwilling to give shows they know to be well written like GL and YJ a fair chance - and air them in a timely manner - then the best thing to do is cancel DC Nation. Perhaps DC can shop the shows around. I would love to see a more mature show like YJ get a chance on an upstart network like FXX than continue to suffer in misery on the horribly programmed Cartoon Network. CN should be embarrassed and ashamed for the way they have treated not only great shows like YJ and GL - but for how they have mistreated their fans and viewers as well!

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