Beware the Batman

Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Saturday 3:00 AM Sep 06, 2014 on Adult Swim

Episode Recap

At an Old Gotham bodega, two thugs in armored suits tear up the place and tell the owner to move out. The lights suddenly go out and the thugs split up to search the place. The intruder disables their shoulder-mounted spotlights and they shoot back. He finally knocks out one thug and then the other. The news is soon reporting about another robbery broken up by the mysterious "Golem." Reporters talk to Harvey Dent, who insists that Batman is responsible and promises to bring him to justice.

In the Batcave, Tatsu and Batman watch the newscast. Tatsu wonders if Batman is involved, pointing out that he's been going out on patrol without her and he's spending less time as Bruce and more time as Batman. Batman irritably tells her that he's not the Golem.

Batman and Katana go to Old Gotham and Batman tells her that he hasn't done enough to protect the area from falling into ruin. Katana tells him that he has, just as they hear a woman's scream. The Golem throws another armored thug out of a diner window and the owner comes. When she sees the vigilantes, she explains that the Golem stopped the thug from tearing up her place and then went down a nearby alley. Batman and Katana follow the Golem and Batman is shocked to discover that he's in Crime Alley, the place where a mugger shot and killed his parents.

As Batman hesitates, the Golem throws a dumpster at them and Katana shoves Batman out of the way. He tells her that he's fine and they go after the Golem. He scales the alley wall and throws an AC unit down at them, narrowly missing them. They chase the Golem across the roof and down into the street, just as Harvey and his men in the Special Crime Unit arrive. Harvey tells Captain Dane Lisslow to capture the Golem immediately. As they search the area, Batman tells Katana that he doesn't want a confrontation with them and takes the armored suit back to the Batcave with them.

At the Batcave, Batman analyzes the suit while telling katana about the legend of the Golem. The Jewish people believed that the golem was a creature made out of claw and created to protect the common people. Batman confirms that the suit is military-grade and expensive, and only a millionaire could afford to have it made. Tatsu confirms that all of the attacks have been in Old Gotham, and Batman checks the records and discovers that there have been a number of new construction projects in that part of town. He realizes what is going on and leaves, and Katana follows him.

The two vigilantes go to a building near the abandoned Monarch Theater and batman points out a nearby high-rise. He says that he recognizes the name of one of the tenants and they'll find what they're looking for at a nearby abandoned museum. When they go inside, Batman spots the Golem in the rafters and throws an explosive batarang. The Golem comes down amidst the debris but when Katana goes to help him, he materializes out of the dust and smashes her back. Batman lassoes the Golem and says that it's Rex Mason, the security guard who was transformed into an elemental freak by Simon Stagg. He tells Rex that they're not there to hurt him and releases the rope.

After Batman explains to Katana what happened to Rex, Rex tells them that after his last encounter with Batman, he hid in the sewers, reconstituted his body, and learned how to control his abilities. He made a home for himself in the museum and now ventures out at night to help the people in the area. Batman points out that he left too many clues, including the fact that he took up residence at a museum near the high-rise where his former girlfriend Sapphire Stagg lives. Rex admits that he couldn't stay away, and that now he'll have to move because of the publicity surrounding his activities. Batman tells him that he knows who is behind the attacks on the Old Gotham residents.

Later, Batman breaks into Blackgate Prison and sneaks into Simon Stagg's cell. He says that he knows all about Simon's plan to destroy Old Gotham and rebuild the land that he's bought up. Simon denies it, saying that it's too high-profile an operation for him, and smugly boasts that whoever is responsible has outmaneuvered Batman.

At the museum, Rex and Katana wait and hear something outside. They look outside and see more armored thugs attacking the Monarch Theater. With them is a much larger power-suited trooper, who says that they're boss is tired of waiting and has ordered them to take a direct approach. They open fire on the residents, who take cover, and Rex shields the residents while Katana gets them out of the way. Rex then attacks the thugs, setting off a car's gas tank. One thug tasers him unconscious just as Harvey arrives with his SCU officers. They open fire but their guns are useless against the armored suits, and Harvey tells them to switch to heavier weapons.

Rex wakes up and Harvey tells Lisslow to take down the Golem and the thugs. The SCU open fire on them using flamethrowers, just as Batman swings down to pull Katana out of the way. The fire merely wakes Rex up and the thugs attack the SCU officers. The three vigilantes attack the thugs and Batman and Katana bring down the lead thug. Batman then rips off the thug's helmet and tells him that Old Gotham is now off-limits for them and their boss. As the SCU prepares to open fire, Batman uses a smoke grenade so that they can make their escape.

Back at the museum, Batman suggests that Rex uses the codename "Metamorpho," after the project that gave him his powers. Rex agrees and Batman offers to find him a good. However, Metamorpho says that he can do more good if he has powers to help the people of Old Gotham, and that Batman knows where to find him if he needs him.

Harvey is in his office watching the news, which shows the footage of Batman and the others saving the SCU. As the DA smashes the TV, Anarky slips in and easily disarms Harvey when he goes for his gun, pinning him to his chair. The villain says that they both want Batman, dead or alive, and suggests that they should team up. He promises to keep his partnership with Harvey secret and slips away before Harvey can free himself.

Sapphire is at her penthouse apartment when Batman slips in behind her and tosses one of the suits of armor on the floor. He tells her that he knows that she's the one behind her attacks. Sapphire admits that it's true and that Simon knows nothing about what she's doing, and that Batman has only stopped her for the moment. He advises her to walk away while she can and starts to go, but Sapphire points out that in the newscast, Metamorpho looked like her dead fiancé Rex. Batman tells her that Rex is dead and her father is in prison because of it, and that Sapphire will join him there if she continues going after Old Gotham.

At the museum, Metamorpho look up at Sapphire's penthouse.