Beware the Batman

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Saturday 3:00 AM Jul 27, 2013 on Adult Swim
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Bruce must take to the streets to fight a new villain, Anarky, while testing Katana to determine if she is loyal to him.

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  • Anarky is an awesome villain, and this show does justice to his character.

    I thought last week's episode was great, but I wasn't too ecstatic, this on the other hand was awesome, I don't know why the show isn't a big hit in the ratings, at least so far, this show combines great writing with awesome action, again, I think the CG was a good way to go. Anarky is an intriguing villain, great voice, I also love the design, which is different from the usual comic book version. One thing that did bother me in this episode though was Katana in the training room, for a guy that doesn't kill I found it strange that he used saw blades and other things that would've killed her if she slipped up, and I'm not sure if Batman knew Anarky would survive the fall after the punch. But those are small quibbles in an otherwise excellent and very entertaining episode of Beware the Batman and I am excited to see more of Anarky in this show.moreless

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    • Daedalus: Down with creative oppression! This is justice.
      Batman: No. I am justice.

    • Anarky: Welcome, Gotham City, to the art of destruction.

    • Batman: Get this analyzed. Probably came off their shoes. Might give us something.
      Alfred: From Cold War warrior to analyzer of sneaker goo. I've never been prouder.

    • Tatsu: (about Bruce) A secret elevator to a private library. Not only does this guy have too much time and too much money, he's a geek, too.

    • Anarky: That was just to get your attention. The real bombs...
      Batman: Are on the gondolas, set to explode as they cross one another.
      Anarky: How did you know?
      Batman: It's the obvious move.
      Anarky: Ouch.

    • Anarky: Congratulations! You countered my move. You passed the test.
      Batman: It wasn't much of a test.
      Anarky: Arrgh. You have no idea what an honor it is to be chosen as my enemy! It's a really big deal!
      Batman: I thought I'd found an opponent to match wits with, but you're just another lunatic in a costume.
      Anarky: Madness is the more interesting choice. Logic and orders are so predictable.
      Batman: Unless... I make a logical decision to do something insane.

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