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If you think your life is strange, The 4400 season four hits the shelves this week so you can compare notes. Also out, the next series of events in the saga of Aang the airbender Avatar: The Last Airbender Book Three: Fire, Volume Three.
May 05, 2008
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The 4400

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Halloween is almost here, and the classic series Bewitched and The Addams Family will get you in the spirit, while the miniseries Nightmares and Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King will fulfill your need for fright. Don't forget to pick up such hilarious favorites as Saturday Night Live: Best of Saturday TV Funhouse, SCTV, and Beavis and Butt-head for some laughs.
Oct 19, 2006
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The O.C.

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Don't touch that dial! The release of The Dukes of Hazzard movie continues a rich Hollywood tradition. It's called "repurposing content."
Aug 04, 2005
Serenity Now-- It's TV.COM's rundown of television-to-movie conversions

The Dukes of Hazzard is the latest in a long and illustrious line of television shows that have been ported over to the big screen. Television shows being turned into movies used to be a novelty; now, it's a necessity. With spiraling budgets and jaded audiences, Hollywood is searching for surefire hits. Sometimes it works. Other times, it's The Mod Squad.

Cartoons from the 1980s are the "vein du jour" for filmmakers. Hong Kong action guru John Woo is prepping a megabudget He-Man starring Sex and the City's Jason Lewis as the blonde, leather-clad sword-wielder who's "got the power." Recently, N.E.R.D. front man Pharrell Williams announced he is producing and scoring a big-screen treatment of the pre-Power Rangers cartoon Voltron: Defender of the Universe. In the "you can't get any bigger than this" category, megamoguls Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay will ...

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Episode 27 Season 8
Episode 24 Season 8
A Good Turn Never Goes Unpunished
Episode 23 Season 8
School Days, School Daze
Samantha Stephens
Darrin Stephens (seasons 1-5)
Darrin Stephens (seasons 6-8)
Larry Tate

Bewitched is a fantasy sitcom chronicling what happens when a witch and a mortal fall in love and get married in 1960s and '70s suburban America. At the very center of the show is Elizabeth Montgomery's portrayal of a good-hearted witch named Samantha. A strong, independent woman with the world at her finger tips (or at the twitch of her nose), she gives up her witchly life to do things the "mortal way". Her mortal husband Darrin Stephens (played by Dick York, and later Dick Sargent) is a talented advertising executive with McMann & Tate. He obsesses with leading a "normal life" where one works hard to earn a good living for one's family. He constantly struggles against disapproving witches and warlocks, like Samantha's powerful mother, Endora (played by Agnes Moorehead).
Endora is determined to prove to Samantha that the mixed-marriage marriage is a tremendous mistake. Over the show's eight year run, Endora tries numerous spells, all creating humiliation and chaos in Darrin's mortal world. This often ends up affecting Darrin's money-obsessed boss and best friend, Larry Tate (played by David White). Larry's wife, Louise (played by Irene Vernon and Kasey Rogers), is Samantha's best friend, although she is unaware that Sam is a witch.
In season two, life changes dramatically when Samantha and Darin give birth to daughter Tabitha Stephens (played by five babies that season and by twins Erin and Diane Murphy starting in season three). Many early Tabitha episodes revolve around whether she is a witch or mortal until the big reveal in season three. Later in season six, the Stephenses give birth to a boy, Adam. Although less airtime is spent on his character, eventually audiences find out that he too has powers.
Recurring characters include Samantha's favorite aunt, Clara, who is a lovable, bumbling witch (played by Marion Lorne). Due to Aunt Clara's extended age, she is suffering the loss of her powers and inadvertently wreaks havoc at the Stephens home. Also often wreaking havoc are Samantha's practical joking Uncle Arthur (Paul Lynde), her Shakespeare orating father, Maurice (Maurice Evans), a bad joke-telling witch doctor, Dr. Bombay (Bernard Fox) and a shy witch-maid Esmeralda (Alice Ghostley). Elizabeth Montgomery also portrays Samantha's free-spirited, mischievous twin cousin, Serena.
On the mortal receiving end of the seemingly hallucinogenic world of witches are neighbors Gladys and Abner Kravitz. Gladys, first portrayed by Alice Pearce and later by Sandra Gould, was immediately aware that the Stephens household was positively strange, and was certain that something "beyond this world" was at work across the street. Abner (George Tobias) never believes it. Darrin's mother, Phyllis Stephens (Mabel Albertson), fairs no better, as she is forever witnessing zany antics only to have her husband, Frank Stephens (Robert F. Simon and later Roy Roberts) not believe it.
Bewitched earned nearly two dozen Emmy nominations during its run. Marion Lorne and Alice Pearce won well deserved awards, as did director and producer, William Asher (Elizabeth Montgomery's husband at the time). In 1970, Bewitched presented a Christmas episode regarding bigotry and racism, and received a special Emmy, the Governor's Award, for the landmark episode "Sisters at Heart". Beyond the theme of bigotry and "mixed-marriages", the series explored cultural issues of consumerism, materialism, human vanity, women's liberation, and mass hysteria. Season six of Bewitched brought about the biggest change to the series as Dick York was replaced by Dick Sargent in the role of Darrin. This element of the show has become a cultural touchstone, with many viewers debating their favorite Darrin.
First Telecast: September 17, 1964 Last Telecast: July 1, 1972 ABC Daytime: 1968 - 1973 ABC Saturday Morning: 1971 - 1973 Episodes: 254 Episodes (74 black and white, 180 color) Ratings Season 1: #2 Season 2: #7 Season 3: #8 Season 4: #11 Season 5: #12 Season 6: #25 Season 7: (above #25) Season 8: (above #25)