Bewitched (1972)

Season 4 Episode 28

I Confess

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 1968 on ABC

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  • Darrin and Samantha argue about witchcraft and he rashly says that they may as well tell the world she is a witch - probably not the best choice of words!

    Darrin is once again angry about Samantha's witchcraft and, as usual, goes right over the top about it. In a fury, he tells her that they may as well inform the whole world what she really is and Samantha, not very pleased herself, places Darrin under a dream spell so that he can see for himself how everyone would react to the news.

    The first person to be 'informed' is Larry Tate. Naturally, he is disbelieving at first, but he quickly sees the possibilities and tells Sam he wants the two of them to be partners so that he can conquer the entire financial world!

    The next are Mr. and Mrs. Kravitz. Gladys is surprisingly unmoved, more surprised by the fact that Abner never believed her when she was telling him the truth for so long. In the third part of the dream, however, things are much worse when the whole world finds out and the Stephens house is beseiged with people. When the US Armed Forces arrive and insist on taking the small family into protective custody - a deserted army base in the middle of nowhere, Darrin has had enough and wakes from his dream begging Samantha to keep her secret.