Bewitched (1972)

Season 5 Episode 11

I Don't Want to Be a Toad, I Want to Be a Butterfly

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 1968 on ABC

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  • Great costumes

    Mrs. Stephens, Tabitha's grandmother, wants to send Tabitha to preschool, meanwhile, asking Sam to do a little shopping during the day, while Darrin is at work. (Darrin fans, he only appears for a minute or two at the beginning and before the end

    Shopping is easy for a normal child's mother, but for the mother of a witch, you really can't use a normal babysitter or daycare, can you? But for some reason, Samantha does, despite Darrin's warnings, and drops Tabitha off at Delightful Day preschool, introducing her to another preschooler, Amy, and heads for the shops with Mrs. Stephens.

    For those lovers of the 1960's, you'll love the department store fitting room, and the dresses Samantha has to try on. The shop girl has a cute cheetah print with the 60's cowl neck and gathers at the yoke, Sam has a shift dress with a front only chain belt in forest green, and Mrs. Stephens has on a collarless leaf green coat with covered buttons and a green print scarf.

    However, Samantha is only half there, because she keeps twitching to check up on Tabitha. The daycare looks promising and the kids are in their circle with the teacher playing musical chairs and Mother Nature. All the kids are given forest creatures to play, and Amy is chosen for a toad. Upset she can't be a butterfly, Amy runs off and cries, and Tabitha decides to help her not to cry by changing her into an actual butterfly.

    Actual butterflies are pretty hard to catch, but for a witch, being there is half the solution. While supposedly still shopping, Sam twitches over to daycare to check on Tabitha, then find Amy, who'sflown out the window. Hijinks ensue.

    Particularly enjoyable is seeing Sam in a tree a story and a half up, and being spotted by a drunk homeowner, having to explain how she got up there. Sam finds Amy, and has in her possession a prop butterfly net, captures her, and brings her to the window of the daycare so that Tabitha can switch Amy back.

    Meanwhile, the preschool teacher, Mrs. Birch, is flustered at having lost Amy, screaming Olly Olly oxen free. Just then, in come both Amy's mom and Mrs. Stevens. Mrs. Stevens asks Sam, how did you get out of that fitting room without me spotting you? Sam casually replies, my daughter needed me and I somehow just found the way. Evidently, Sam left her coat at the sitting room, which is a pale mint green wool that has a cool side tab button enclosure and a pale mint satin lining, and Mrs Stevens has to leave the shops to reunite the coat with its owner.

    Hardly any special effects, and other than a cute demonstration for Sam to insta climb a tree, Tabitha's magic is in the forefront of this episode. Too bad half of the entire Bewitched series is witchcraft problems gone wrong, but seeing Tabatha's witchcraft mistakes at age 3 is still cuter than the annoyance of Uncle Albert and Aunt Clara.
  • A good episode to showcase Tabitha's growing magical powers when she attends pre school for the first time.

    It's time for Tabitha to head off to pre school for the first time and Samantha has more worries than the average mother because she is concerned that Tabitha will use witchcraft in front of others.

    Her fears turn out to be justified when the class, with the teacher playing Mother Nature, are assigned creatures to become. Young Amy is told she is to be a toad but she gets upset, stating that she wants to be a butterfly. Tabitha decides to grant her 'wish' and turns her into one, whereby Amy flies out the window and Samantha has to go all over town with a butterfly net trying to catch her, much to the alarm of several onlookers.

    With Amy safely back to her normal self, Samantha continues to worry about whether or not Tabitha should be around mortal children until she is old enough to know when and where to use her magical powers.