Bewitched (1972)

Season 5 Episode 21

Marriage, Witches' Style

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 1969 on ABC

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  • Serena meets her match, or does she?

    Not a huge Serena fan, it's plain that great Serena plots do exist. Samantha is asking to help Serena find true love with a mortal as an expert on the subject when she becomes bored with her travels and parties and yacht christenings. Samantha knows just what to do, and the pair go to the Human Equation computer dating service. This is probably the first of many computer dating related plots on the small sceen, but we aren't able to quantify that in one review.

    Serena arrives at the ordained time and place to see a Cary Grant-esq man named Franklin Blodgett at the elegant restaurant. He is perfect, to the last touch of his attire, appearance and demeanor. He even shows off to Serena, after she tells him her favorite wine, that he has ordered that same wine, on the table sine before she even arrived. It was meant to be. Of course they make another date.

    At Samantha's house, before the date, Samantha cautions Serena that a mortal will expect a mistake or two for a dinner presentation. Serena ' s chateaubriand, pate, and hearts of Palm vinaigrette is twitched into nothing, and Serena has to actually cook to achieve the desired result. Meanwhile, Franklin in the next scene is shown en route to Samantha's home in a most unusual way: a flying, chauffeured Rolls Royce convertible, which is a combination of both the most exciting yet cheap special effects ever.

    In the efforts to appear human using witchcraft at first, and in the later reveal by Serena to Franklin Blodgett that she is a witch, and that he is a warlock, are glimpses into warlock travel, aesthetics and inter-witch classism. When Serena does decide to spill the beans, it is fascinating to see how, when and to what effect the witchcraft will create. Will Serena ' s witchcraft be enough to appeal to a warlock with more style and class thsn Serena?

    The ending question is one that only Serena can answer: can you take the witch out of the girl, without taking the girl out of a witch?
  • Serena is tired of dating warlocks and, after a discussion with Samantha, decide to try mortals instead.

    Samantha is more than a little worried when Serena announces her intention to date mortal men instead of warlocks, justifiably worrying that it won't turn out well.

    Serena tries a computer dating agency and is delighted when the machine finds a man who appears to be a suitable match for her. When they go on a date, they seem to get along marvellously. That is until Serena finds out that he is a warlock pretending to be mortal and he learns that she is a witch!

    Undaunted, Serena tries yet another agency but decides NOT to accept a date with the chosen candidate when he performs magic on the agency owner via telephone and it's obvious that he too is not a mortal.

    Fun episode and hilarious to see Serena trying things the mortal way.
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