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  • Jeannie Was Better

    I always thought that Darrin Stephens and Tony Nelson were the most unrealistic mortals with having a witch and a genie who loves them and forbidding from them using their powers. But Bewitched was the worst cause of the silly plots. Darrin is the constant victim of Endora, Serena and Maurice. Plus Darrin has to put up with Larry Tate who takes credit for his work and never made partner. Bewitched also lasted too long.
  • Witches!

    Various ep (09, 14)
  • Bewitched, One of My Favorite Childhood Shows

    I loved this show ever since I was a little girl. I loved Elizabeth Montgomery immensely when I was a little girl. Dick York, I thought was the best Darrin Stephens. He was much funnier than Dick Sargent. I'm very happy that I can watch this show on & Hulu. I'm truly thankful for Internet Television, so that I can watch these favorite shows of mine and reminisce my childhood. Thanks,
  • show was ok,,

    good show but thought that dick York was the best of the Darren's, didn't like how the husbands treated theirs wife's around that time ,to much ordering around ,, would love to see out takes on that show some day ,if available, , , just to see how the green back ground worked, isn't that fellow who was on that show as well as the love boat still around? the fellow who played dr Bombay and the kids are still around,,on web site didn't say anything about the Bernie fellow ,
  • Great Show

    I love this show, I loved it as a child and I still love it today.
  • A very good show. It has a rather modern approach to magic and a certain light, fluffy innocence to it that you just don't see nowadays.

    I haven't seen every episode, and I'm not sure where the transition from black and white to color took place, but I do know that this is one of my favorite old time shows. It is very funny watching Darren cope with Samantha's inhuman nature day after day and still walking around with a smile on his face and no regrets. I mean, if I had a battle-ax of a mother-in-law like Darren's, I'd slash my wrists. I mean, who wouldn't with Samantha's mother always meddling and popping up where she wasn't wanted. I mean, why hasn't anyone burnt her at the stake yet? If that's all it took, I'd do it myself, with pleasure.
  • I love this....

    I always used to watch Bewitched when i was younger and i even still do! This show is such a classic the late Elizabeth shines as Samantha. Shes charming loveable and downright Lucy-like. It is just a great series that has stood the test of time, like i hate most sitcoms but for some reason i love this one. It's just soooo inocent and not so in your face. You Don't need to worry abput story-lines you just sit back and relax and view this classic comedy gem. I personally hated the movie just because it wasn't the same as the show!! All together a cutsy little sitcom everyone can enjoy.
  • What do you get when a beautiful young witch marries a mortal? Why, that's easy! One of the funniest and best television sit-coms of the 1960s!

    Darrin and Samantha Stevens are like any other happily married young couple in 1964 America ... Well, not QUITE like every other couple because while Darrin is as normal as the day is long, his beautiful wife just happens to be a bona-fide witch!

    "Bewitched" ran for eight wonderful seasons with Elizabeth Montogery, Dick York, Dick Sargent, Agnes Moorehead and a host of guest stars entertaining us with their antics, magical and otherwise, week after week.

    Darrin is a hard-working advertising executive who works for the firm of McMann and Tate. His boss, Larry Tate, is more concerned about money than anything else but Darrin wants to do a good job and win the respect of his boss as well as his clients.

    Darrin loves his wife very much - it's just her relatives he can't cope with; mother-in-law Endora, dotty Aunt Clara, annoying Uncle Arthur and vivacious Cousin Serena just to name a few.

    Darrin does his best to hide the fact that Samantha is a witch from his family, friends and colleagues, but this isn't always easy, especially when Endora (superbly portrayed by Agnes Moorehead) does everything in her power to make his mortal existence as difficult as possible. No wonder he loses his temper upon occasion!

    This show is a timeless classic which can be enjoyed again and again. The whole family will love it!
  • IT IS OK...a little...

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z....

    It's not good at all but thats my opinion!

    *snores* i have only seen one episode and already i dont like it but i dont hate it!
  • Good for an old show.

    This was a good show for its time. But having been born almost 30 years before it first made it to TV, I found it hard to get some of the jokes. I saw some episodes with the old and new husband, and i have to tell you like some other people i didn't even notice. But i really did like the uncle that would appear now and again. With that being said I have nothing much more to say about this show. I did watch the movie that was based some what on the show, now that was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.
  • a wonderful show that has a catchi song to it

    i think this show bewitched even though i was not from that decade i was from the 90s i still watched every ep and own all the boxsets to the show . bewitch was about a witch that fell in love with a mortal man and they live togeather and the show is well putogeather by using her powers to help out situations for her or him. the people around them think something funny is going on all time. like one ep where she is spieing on the new neighbors with banockulars. i think this show was realy good and that is why i gave it a 7.5
  • wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

    Something goes wrong with Darren, usually because of Endora (Samantha’s mom) and Sam has to use witchcraft to help solve the problem even though she promised Darrin she would use it. Darrin is mad but gets over it. This was like every episode. Sometimes it wasn’t Endora but Sam’s cousin, Serena. Later in the season Sam gave birth to a little witch Tabitha who, when she was young, couldn’t control her powers. And somehow Darrin’s boss/partner, Larry, never found out. The show didn’t have brand new plots every episode but there was something great about it. Such staying power as it is still showing and the DVD’s are selling.

    Who didn't want to be able to wiggle their nose and make things happen??
  • Forget Nicole - Elizabeth Montgomery was the original and best.

    This show is an all time classic. That said it is more than a little cringeworthy to re-watch old episodes. Sexist to say the least. Sam should have told Darren to get over himself and lived her own life instead of turning her back on magic.

    But hey ho, it was the sixties after all.

    Elizabeth Montgomery sparkles as a witch who marries a human and tries to live the life of a domestic housewife in American suburbia. Needless to say, magic follows her wherever she goes. When the actor playing husband Darren was replaced nobody batted an eyelid - this was even mentioned in a future episode of Roseanne when they replaced the actress playing Becky. I don't have strong memories of either actor frankly. Mainly that the second one was rather skinny with the same shaped head.

    I wanted to be Tabitha. Sadly no matter how much I tried I was unable to make my nose twitch. I thought that if it did I would be able to make magic myself.

    Twas not to be.
  • Love this show.

    Love this show as a kid and it's still just as good.
    I watch the Bewitched DVD's all the times, especially when there's nothing good on tv, which is most of the time. I sure wish Elizabeth Montgomery and the other main actors were still alive to read about how much their fans really loved them and the show. There are so many fan websites, and message boards about Bewitched or some of the other actors on the show. The internet has helped Bewitched fans connect and talk about her much we love this great show. Bewitched for life!!
  • 10

    Didn't everyone want to have magic powers when they were younger? I loved this show because I always wanted to be a witch like Samantha.
    I would practice for hours twitching my nose!
    I always hoped that I had long lost relatives like Endora to come and tell me I was one.
    Endora was wacky and a favorite of mine.
    I also thought Tabitha was so cute.
    I loved see what pickles they would get themselves into.

    but hate it sme times when i wach it i just feel like aaa you now riht right come come come comecome come come com on on on no no on no
  • Where else can you find a show, where every character is perfect?

    As a child, I wanted to be a witch like Samantha. I would try to twitch my nose so I didn't have to walk up the long hill to the house. All of the characters are like "Bertie Bott's Every Flavored Beans" from Harry Potter (how fitting). Uncle Arthur, Esmerelda and Aunt Clara are my personal favorites - I know if they are on the we laught hard and learn a little about kindness and understanding. I guess the show is so special because it took me from grade school through to high school graduation. And best of all, it never "jumped the shark."
  • great

    a classic show about a witch who marries a human. It was one of the frist show to have witch as diffent that they aree put to be. And also this show made it possible for other show just like it. It is a classic that the whole faimly will love to wacth again and again. i just whant to wacth it right now becaues of shows are not what they were back than with funny puns and soem action and good problems the characters sovle. Classic are made once and a life time, so in love them with your heat nad mind.
  • Classic, that says it all!

    This classic story of a nose twitching witch is one that will live on forever and ever. This is an old family friendly show that one day when I have kids will be one they must watch every episode. Some shows just never die. They never should die. If only half of todays sitcoms were as wholesome and funny as this one, maybe, just maybe the world might be a better place with fewer violent teens and abusive adults. This is just a good show. period. I only wish that the movie would have lived up to the amazingness that the show had set.
  • Funny! Witty!

    I've not found it on the DishTV lineup in the area I just moved to. I miss being able to watch it. While it does kinda play "Darren" as a fool sometimes, it is cute, funny and witty. It is interesting to see what life must have been like in the 60's, minus the sex, drugs & alcohol.

    I enjoy watching it and enjoy the re-runs. Keep it on the air! Or, please get it back on the air on DishTV.

    Too bad it's original airings didn't last longer, then we'd have even more to love in re-runs. Kids love it, I love it.
  • One of the best

    This is another example of television at it's best. Along with shows like the Andy Griffith Show, Beverly Hillbillies, and I Dream of Jeannie, they set the bar for all other comedies to come along.

    This show was cancelled before I was born, but I watched it in re runs forever. In fact if I am flipping through the channels late at night and come across it, I still stop to watch.

    The whole premise for the show might have seemed a little controversial back in the day, but it is pretty tame by todays standards. And Elizabeth Montgomery was a damn fine actress. She may be gone, but she will always be remembered.
  • Season One Review:

    I'm sure most of you have heard of this show, or most likely even seen a few episodes. It's classic tv at its best. The show traveled to new frontiers in television that had never really been explored. About a witch who covers up her ¨secret life¨ at the request of her husband, Samantha Stephens is more or less "in the closet." Originally, TV producers said this show was supposed to be used as propaganda against prejudice, but based on the actor list (ahem, Paul Lynde, Dick Sergeant, Agnes Moorehead, others...) I'd say one could limit it to a certain type of prejudice! Homophobia!

    Best Episode: A is for Aardvark: Episode 17--which is only halfway through the first season, a season with an incredible 36 episodes! No wonder it took me so long to finish! Darrin sprains his ankle, and as a way to save her self a lot of time and effort, "Sam"antha makes it so the house does whatever Darrin wants. I guess you could say a precursor to SmartHouse (without the Disney and corny villain). Reason Why it's the Best: Really serious episodes of Bewitched are hard to come by, at least in my experience, and I've been watching Bewitched for a lifetime! If you want to see Elizabeth Montgomery in a very serious role, watch until the end of the episode--if she doesn't have you in tears, then you might have some advice to give, on how to be insensitive! One particular scene Lizzy reminds me COMPLETELY of Judy Garland. I feel like we should be searching for Kansas again soon, but then I remember, I'm IN Kansas.
  • This seminal series was cotton candy television: sweet, sugary, and totally devoid of nutritional value. But just try to resist it...

    From the first tinkling strains of its beginning theme song through the end credits, Bewitched is the closest television gets to a sugar rush.

    The weekly, fantastic tale of witch Samantha Stephens, married to mortal Durwood, er, Darwin, er Darrin Stephens featured an incredibly well-written and delightfully acted ensemble cast, including Samantha's meddling mother Endora, Darrin's unprincipled boss, Larry Tate and the perpetually nosy neighbor, Gladys Kravitz.

    While the episodes usually revolved around some calamitous event brought on by magic, or Samantha's earnest efforts to avoid using her powers (you see, Darrin has forbidden her to use magic), the show had a knack for lightheartedly touching on issues of the day, while remaining funny and accessible. The series spawned numerous fantasy-themed copycats, None of them, of course, even approached the unique charm of the original. There is a reason Bewitched has remained in syndication for over 40 years!

    One last note: for my money, there is only one Darrin- Dick York is the man, baby!
  • This show is about a beautiful, cauldron-stirring, broom-riding witch named Samantha who falls in love with a mortal named Darrin, of which her mother (Endora) doesn't approve.

    This show is amazing, especially the special effects which are very proffesional for being done in the 60's. I think my two favorite characters are Serena and Endora, because they always do what ISN'T allowed and actually make the show interesting and actually fun to watch. The look on Darrin's face when he sees Endora pop in to his room with her SPECIAL ABILITIES (he banned the m word). He looks like a little kid who's ice cream fell on the floor for the 3rd time. But the way Serena does it to him, I'd rather not describe it...
  • Bewitched Is the Best Of The 60's

    I give Bewitched a 9 out of 10 only for one reason towards the end of the series it started to get to hoaky they satrted repeating stories and it just all went down hill when Dick York lest. I remeber the show when NICk at Nite showed it and then when TV land showed it and then when UPN showed nut then it dissapered and has not been on TV for at least three or four years. This show has class and is'nt filled with all the sexuael refrences and language that todays tv is shoing. The show is avaliable on DVD well at least the F 1,2,3,4 season. Come on Sony and Bring the rest out!!!!!
  • Asher levou o projeto para a Columbia Television, para ser apreciado por William Dozier (que depois produziria a série de TV Batman).

    Elizabeth Montgomery nasceu em Abril de 1.933 e já nos anos 50 começou a atuar em Tv (mais precisamente em 1.951). Seus pais – Robert Montgomery e Elizabeth Allen – pertenciam ao meio televisivo. Sua primeira aparição foi no programa do pai - Robert Montgomery Presents. Bastante ativa em termos de casamento, seu primeiro matrimônio foi em 1.954 com Frederick Gallatin Gamman. Em 1.957 casou-se com o ator Gig Young. Em 1.963 casou-se com o produtor William Asher, após ter trabalhado com o mesmo no filme Johnny Cool. Foi quando decidiram desenvolver um programa onde ele fosse o produtor e ela a estrela. O projeto concebido por ambos mostrava o dia a dia de um frentista que trabalhava num posto de gasolina, contrapondo-se ao dia a dia da esposa, uma mulher da alta sociedade. O desnível social entre ambos e o eterno conflito entre homem e mulher seriam as bases desse seriado. Asher levou o projeto para a Columbia Television, para ser apreciado por William Dozier (que depois produziria a série de TV Batman). Dozier parece não ter se entusiasmado muito com a idéia mas achou-a parecida com outro projeto, criado em 1.961, por Harry Ackerman. A idéia de Ackerman era mostrar um casal se conflitando, mas não por diferenças sociais e sim porque o homem – um publicitário promissor - casa-se com uma bela feiticeira. Asher gostou da idéia e sugeriu que ambos se unissem na produção da série desde que Elizabeth Montgomery fosse a estrela principal. A partir daí, uniram-se ao grupo de Sol Saks, para desenvolvimento do episódio piloto.
  • it ok

    It is a classic nothing is better then watching Miss Gladys Kravitz freak-out but Aunt Clara trying to walk through a wall and hearing her yell Abner or Endora saying every name that starts with D but Darrin except in the episode Trick or treat. Watching Darrin turning green every time some and every thing goes wrong, now that go watching. Even if you just watch the show to see, Sam wiggles her nose or that cute little Tabitha. What ever the reason is you would agree that Bewitched will go down in history along with the a there greats like Family Ties and The Cosby Show
  • Bewitched, the best sitcom ever before it reached the last seasons.

    I loved bewitched. The storylines were very intriging and the characters were excellent. The only thing I hated about the shows was the switch in the Darrens. Personally, I did like Dick York better as he added more personality to the character Darren Stephens. Also, It really began to fall when Samantha stopped twitching her nose, which I thought ruined the whole reason for the show. None the less, I will never get tired of watching the repeats of Bewithced, as they were plotted very well and created suspense in every single episode. Hey, it was 1970, you had to do something to keep the show going and the viewers happy.
  • A young witch named Samantha marries a mortal named Darrin Stephens and, at Darrin's request, tries to learn to live without witchcraft, even with her magical friends and relatives frequently popping in and out.

    A great classic show! Being born in the 80s, Bewitched was well before my time, and it is one of the few classic 60s shows that I really like. When Bewitched premiered in 1964, it was a very original approach to a sitcom. It appealed to everyone, not just a specific demographic. Bewitched's premise of a witch marrying a mortal was fascinating and had not been seen in television previously.

    From the very beginning, it was clear that Bewitched would be a smash hit with audiences. There are many aspects of Bewitched that made, and still makes, it appealing to audiences. One of the biggest is the shows trademark of Samantha's nose twitch. It was also great because of how Darrin tried to cope with his sudden exposure to the world of magic. Add to that the constant bickering between Darrin and Samantha's mother Endora, which was a classic portrayal of the problems between mother-in-laws and son-in-laws.

    One of the main factors that contributed to the great popularity of Bewitched was the performances given by the cast members. Elizabeth Montgomery's performance of Samantha made her one of America's television sweethearts. Agnes Moorehead's portrayal of Endora was equally great, making her one of America's favorite mothers/grandmothers. Dick York's portrayal of Darrin for the first five seasons is usually a fan favorite. When Dick Sargent took over the role in season six, his performance caused the show to drop in ratings and popularity. Add to these the characters of Samantha and Darrin's daughter Tabitha (Erin and Diane Murphy); their neighbor Gladys Kravitz (Alice Pearce and Sandra Gould); Darrin's boss, Larry Tate (David White), and his wife Louise (Irene Vernon and Kasey Rogers); Samantha's Aunt Clara (Marion Lorne); and all of the other recurring characters, you have one of the best shows of the 60s.
  • A young witch marries a mortal, and they try to make their marriage out.

    This show is an all time classic. I still watch it every night. I love this show very much. The acting is wonderful, and the story line is so cute. I would love for there to be some sort of remake series, which would be hard to do, but I think it can be done. This kind of show is something that America is lacking. It is a family show. I can't name one show that there is that is safe for children, yet amusing for adults in our age. Bewitched is a favorite of mine, and my family. Watch it!!!
  • Elizabeth Montgomery was TV's First Sexy Witch

    Bewitched in many ways was almost The Liz Montgomery Show until a failed pilot concerning actress Tammy Grimes as a witch was presented to her. What happened was the birth of one of television's best and most loved shows. Liz Montgomery, daughter of actor Robert Montgomery, was beautiful, magical and demurely sexy. Guys watched the show because they were in love with her; they wanted a girl just like her to make their dreams come true. Girls watched because they loved the romance of a husband and wife trully in love with each other. Darren Stephens, played best by Dick York, had to really love Samantha despite the trials and tribulations placed upon him by his mother-in-law Endora, the worst and most mischievous mother-in-law in history. Despite the erotic possibilities Darren missed out on, Samantha could have turned into any woman or divulged into any of his fantasies, the series missed the mark on a lot of paranormal facts, and used its magical setting to unleash a lot of creative license but no credible information about real witches. For example, even if she was a witch, Samantha would not or should have had the ability to time travel or have lived for two hundred years. Tabitha should not have "inherited" her mother's powers. Real witches have to develop their skills and training based on their discipline, training, knowledge and enlightenment of the mystical (not necessarily black ) arts. That's why so many witches are portrayed or considered as old women; my only resolution is that Samantha, Tabitha and even Sabrina much later on must actually be some sort of alternate human race with advanced psychokinetic powers. The series missed the mark with cameos by elves, fairies and ETs. Witches may have recieved powers from pagan deities, but they were never visited by them. The ghost episodes were okay, though, because witches do have low to high perception of psychic phenomenon. On the whole, the series suffered greatly with York's absence and should have stopped there. Dick Sargent was a harder, meaner Darren and less of a romantic than York who even had a sense of humor with the insanity around him. The last three seasons with Sargent were largely the same as they recreated all of York's episodes - a sure sign that the series had run out of ideas.
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