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  • Love it

    Samantha and Darren are madly in love with each other and marry. Samantha reveals during the honeymoon that she's a witch. Darren is all right with that, but his meddling mother-in-law, who wanted Samantha to marry a warlock, isn't. The classic show revolves around Samantha masquerading as a mortal, trying to hide her magic from her nosy neighbors and fending off her mother.
  • A loving wife, exciting and beautiful to behold, and a very powerful The comings and goings of Samantha's family is very hexing to Darrin, and lots of laughs for the veiwers.. a true classic of T.V. never to be forgotten.

    This show has been around for years and will most likely continue for many many more years to come. It is a classic in its own right. Samantha is the witch anyone who beleives or wishes they could be , wants to be. The continuous conflict of mortal values verses witch-craft is timeless and most of the times downright funny to witness. This show was a bit ahead of its time, and done in todays studio's could be done so brilliantly, maybe they should try to redo the show? Tabitha had a run at it and I also liked that as well, maybe they should try one for today with Adam as the lead charactor trying not to use his powers and the rest of his witch family dropping by causing a little mayhem? Could be interesting. But anyhow, Samantha will always be the most popular witch of all time for tv shows. She is the best and always will be in my heart. Elizabeth Montgomery , no other person could have done what she did to the role of Samantha/Sareena, she was awesome. Tabitha and Adam, the cutest of kids, and Agnes Moorehead as Endora the wicked witch of a, and of course the beloved Aunt Clara and the jokester Uncle Aurther...not to mention Samantha's father, and all the other witchly charactors,all perfectly cast and well acted. Offset by Darrin's mortal family and all the confusion of witch craft and feeling like they were loosing their minds....for the imposible things that seem to miraculously appear and disappear etc.... If you like magic and witchs' and all that goes with it....then this original tv show basically started it all, and they did a great job of it. I still watch it today as often as i can......just can't get enough of it. It is the best show ever for me and always will be.
  • Bewitched was another fantasy show,this one dealing with a witch trying to live in a mortal world with her mortal husband.Samantha was wonderfully played by Elizabeth Montgomery,and over the years there were 2 Darrins,first Dick York,then Dick Sargent

    Although Bewitched was another fantasy series,unlike most of the others,which focused on situations arising from use of magic powers or whatever,there was much more emphasis on character development in this series.William Asher(Montgomerys husband at the time)was the creative force behing the series,having cut his teeth on I Love Lucy.The original producer was Danny Arnold,best known for Barney Miller,which was famous for focusing on characters rather than wacky situations.The black and white episodes have a very differant feel from the later color episodes.Of course,it was early in the series,and there was much exploration of the problems of newlyweds,especially as it pretains to a mixed marriages.There was a lot of hidden social commentary as well,though that remained an element throughout the series run.There were many changes in actors over the course of the years besides the Darrins.The first was when Alice Pearce who played nosy neighbor Gladys Kravitz so well,passed away following the 2nd season.And Marion Lorne who portrayed lovable Aunt Clara also passed on during the 4th season.The show became increasingly wacky as the years went on,and it became obvious that it was running out of ideas,when more and more scripts were recycled.By the end,it was clear that Elizabeth Montgomerys heart was not in it any more.But at its best,it was a show with a great deal of heart.And many episodes are still very funny today.
  • My favorite show

    My favorite show, I remember watching it when it came on ABC and I still watch it on TV Land. Being a witch myself I find the show very entertaining, and funny. I like the shows with Samantha and Serena, I loved Serena the most, she had a great style and Uncle Arthur would crack me up. He was a character too, now Endora could have cut Darin some slack, but I understand the witches councel wanted the marriage desolved. Endora should have stood by her daughter and got to know Darin a little better, Darin too should have got to know Endora. But that probably was the whole show.
  • i used to watch it when it was on before sabrina.....

    i used to watch it when it was on before sabrina,it\'s a pretty cool show.the main reason i watched it though was because of tabitha she is soooooooo cute!ummmm it\'s like the only thing from like that time i\'ve watched and i think it\'s a really cute little show especially you would like it if you actually like grew-up when it was first airing when i\'m not sure when but yeah i think it\'s a nice show especially in like the third season or whatever when tabitha played more of a role in the show but yeah i give it about 9/ should watch it if you havn\'t seen it already which you probably have.
  • Samantha Stevens, a beautifull witch who could have it ALL, chooses instead to make a life with a mortal man that she falls in love with. The clash between witches and mortals makes for hillarious moments both within and without the Stevens household.

    This is a show that not only my mother grew up with, but I was also able to grow up with through re runs. I loved the animated opening sequence, the theme song, and the cute animated Samantha and a child i was truly "bewitched" by this show. Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York and Agnes Moorehead made this show one of the best all time classics there is. Entertainment Weekly listed Bewitched as one of the 100 grestest television shows of the 20th century! Its HORRIBLE that while the show itself garnered many emmy nominations, Elizabeth Montgomery herself did not win any emmys for her portrayal of Samantha.
  • definitely one of the best comedies of all time.a true classic.well assembled cast!yes,my mum's time actually.but still i love it v much.hopefully my kids will too later!v entertaining n good for laughs.but also v touching n human..

    definitely one of the best comedies of all time.a true classic.well assembled cast!yes,it's also way before my time,my mum's time actually.but still i love it v much.hopefully my kids will too later!v entertaining n good for laughs.but also v touching n human.a mention of woman's lib. movement is seen in the show,ie thru sam stephens.her fashion.the ideas sam has is way ahead of the woman in her time.n it certainly is good for a woman to have witch powers to protect of the best tv shows of all one can hold a candle to the late elizabeth montgomery for her potrayal of sam she is always remebered for..
  • Who hasn't seen this show?

    Who hasn't seen Bewitched? It is a classic. I love this show.

    I really like the character of Samantha. Aside from being a witch she is a great wife and mother. I also like how funny she is. No matter how tense a situation she always seems to make me laugh.

    I don't really have a favorite episode. But I do like the ones after Tabitha is added in. Something about bringing the baby into the show just made it alot better. I really like the ones when Tabitha is a little more grown up and has all of her powers.

    Bewitched is a great show!
  • A good Show

    A show about a witch that is married with a human and try to not use her magic an live a normal life sound fun. This show is one of my favorites talking about classic. I saw this show after I see I dream of Jeanie. The remarke of Bewithed, The movie was good. This show is very good and I want that this show it will be for this age because is old and I like the show of the 90's and 2000 and is strange that I like one show before that years. Because of this another show that I like is Sabrina The Teenage Witch
  • Oh, Darwin

    Bewitched was a cult classic back in the ‘60s and ’70s and I can truly see why. The situations Sam is in are very much what girls hoped their lives would be like but given a fun, magical twist. This doesn’t mean that guys won’t like the show. Heck, I’m a guy. The only thing which might bug people is the comedy. We’ve heard it all before. However there are those rare occasions when it does make you laugh. There are some very corny episodes and not a single episode is really stellar but it is a good show to watch in the AM. Definitely worth a watch.
  • About a witch who tries to be a human

    I havent watched that many episodes yet but so far I like this show. I started watching this show when the movie Bewitched came out and I thought the movie was funny so I tried out the show and I ended up likeing the show alot. I think the concept of the show is great.
  • A nice and funny show.

    Bewitched is a funny and cute show. If you take the time to stop and think about it, Samantha represents the changes in the world. Darrin represents the uncertain about the changes.

    Like all 1960's sitcoms there are many shots of people who get a hilarious bug-eyed expression when they see or hear something that the can not explain

    As for the characters, Samantha is the ideal person: kind-hearted, independent and ca not stand injustice. It must be hard on Darin having to explain all the weird stuff that goes on. Larry Tate is my favorite character and I think he is the best person on the show. He is so funny.

    I think everyone should learn to like Bewitched.
  • A story of a witch who is trying to live life as a mortal without being discovered.

    Although again this show was off the air before I was even born I use to catch the reruns with my grandmother. I loved this show so much because it was about magic (before Harry Potter). The cast made the show come to life for me and I use to try and wiggle my nose like Samantha.
  • A beautiful witch marries a mortal human and chaos ensues.

    I can still remember the day I figured out that Elizabeth Montgomery played both Samantha and Serena. I was born just a few months before this show started so I literally grew up watching this show. I liked it then and I still like it now.

    Samantha had unbelievable control to not use her magic more than she did. Her husband didn't want to her use it at all ... unless it was to fix something that one of her relatives had done. Even with the change of actors playing the husband the show went off without hardly a bump.
  • Elizabeth Montgomery is wonderful!

    Elizabeth Montgomery is wonderful! This show is great you have to check it out reruns reruns reruns. I am so glad tvland is reairng it it is such a good show Bill Asher Liz make a great team! I have always loved this show it's ashame the movie runied it why does hollywood do stuff like that?
  • This is a really great show...

    This show always had something coming around the corner and it always had a new suprise. You could never guess what was going to happen next. It's a bad thing that this show got cancelled and I wish it never did. This shows has been so influential and so amusing and entertaining that I can't figure out why it got cancelled in the first place.

    More shows to come like this I hope.
  • A witch married to an ordinary man cannot resist using her magicical powers to solve the problems her family faces.

    Bewitched is a true classic of 60’s television. The sitcom featured delightful and memorable characters who shone in every episode. The plot centers around the hilarious mishaps caused when Samantha uses her magic to solve some of the typical problems associated with being a housewife. Gifted actress Agnes Moorehead portrays Samantha's mischievous, heavily made up, red headed mother Endora who does everything by magic, and detests her daughter's mere mortal husband frequently uses her magic to make the life of her son in law miserable. With Endora always 'popping' in to visit her daughter it's guaranteed that Darrin will be blow his top every time as he and Endora are always at each other's throats. Add to this Samantha and Darrin’s nosy next door neighbour who is constantly trying to catch Samantha using her magic, Darrin’s bossy employer, and the multiple witches and warlocks who habitually interrupt the everyday household routine and you have the making of innocent, yet incredibly funny show which is still highly entertaining all these years later.
  • I loved this one when i was a child.

    This is the first serial i've been watching, when i was a child, when i went back from school at midday, i used to turn on the TV set and to watch Bewitched while eating. It was really great, there was those really funny but touching special effects which were very impressive for a young boy. I didn't even think about : Oh this is a movie thing, they are only actors playing their characters... at the time.
    I didn't even noticed when they changed Darrin's actor. Which made me feel sad when i grew up and realised what is on tv isn't real, and is just people playing roles :(.
    Anyway i liked this series much and i still watch it any time it's on television.
  • The first "Charmed"

    I remember watching Bewitched as a kid. It was almost magical to me. I don't remember how may countless times I tried twitching my nose hoping that I could have the powers of Samantha. It was captivating to watch and riviting as a child to see what the next adventure would be. I remember sitting in front of the TV every time it was on just to see what would happen next. It was a great show in it's time.
  • What made the show so wonderful was that is has characters we can all relate to with a twist, witchcraft.

    This is classic television at its best. It has an interesting plot, a moral marries a witch. He does not want his wife to use her magical powers. She tries to be good but alas every episode; she is forced to use her magic. The show is fast paced with quick and funny lines. The characters are endearing and realistic. They all have their good and flawed sides. You can relate someone in your own life to each of them. You have the proud husband who wants to make his success on his own. You have the crazy Aunt who is having difficulties with her memories. You have the mother-in-law who feels no man is good enough her wonderful daughter. You have a wife who is trying hard to please everyone in her life. What made the show so wonderful was that is has characters we can all relate to with a twist, witchcraft. In addition, it shows the witchcraft as good.
  • Elizabeth Montgomery stars as Samantha Stephens, a pretty, typical American housewife who just happens to be a witch in this beloved comedy classic.

    I absolutely love this show. As a child I would dream about being like Samantha and being able to just twitch my nose to get things and go places. I still admire the show greatly. I recommend it to all. It is a great family show and is often hilarious. Endora who is played by Agnes Moorehead is one of the best characters in this clever comedy. It\'s no wonder this series lasted so long! However; when dick York was replaced by Dick seargent the show immediately went downhill. Dick York was a much better Darrin than Seargent. as for Elizabeth Montgomery; she was fabulous in this wonderful comedy. Overall; I love Bewitched and you will too :)
  • Although this show is over 20 years before my time, it's still an excellent show and a personal favorite of mine.

    The story of a mortal marrying a witch is pretty interesting. Especially since the mortal doesn't want the witch to use her magic anymore, but she does anyway (even when she tries hard not to).

    Elizabeth Montgomery is simply adorable and very loveable playing the witch, Samantha (Sam). And she makes the nose twitch look so much fun. And although I have tried to attempt do the nose twitch (as I'm sure many of you have, too), I haven't had much success.

    Dick York does very well at being the mortal, Darrin. And I definitely prefer him to Dick Sargent, who played Darrin in later seasons after Dick York was unable to continue doing the show.

    Agnes Moorehead does an excellent job at being Sam's witchy mother, Endora. Endora has always been a favorite of mine, and it is very interesting to see the things she comes up with to try to end Sam and Darrin's marriage.

    Diane & Erin Murphy are sooooooooo cute as little Tabitha (Sam and Darrin's daughter).

    It's always hilarious when the neighbor Gladys Kravitz (Alice Pearce, later played by Sandra Gould) witnesses Sam's magic, and her husband, Abner (George Tobias), never does. Which makes her look and sound like she's crazy.

    Of all the relatives of Sam's that are always "popping in", Aunt Clara (Marion Lorne) is definitely my favorite. Clara is very old and forgetful and is always messing up her spells. But she is extremely lovable, and has a hobby of collecting doorknobs.
  • Didn't everyone want to have magic powers when they were younger?

    I loved this show because I always wanted to be a witch like Samantha.
    I would practice for hours twitching my nose!
    I always hoped that I had long lost relatives like Endora to come and tell me I was one.
    Endora was wacky and a favorite of mine.
    I also thought Tabitha was so cute.
    I loved see what pickles they would get themselves into.
  • I loved Bewitched. I have been watching it since it first started. I liked Samantha Stephens played by Elizabeth Montgomery because she is one of my favorite characters in the show.

    Bewitched was a sophisticated ensemble situation comedy (considered light and fluffy by some) featuring relevant cultural themes in a fantasy context.

    For years the main characters have remained in the story. Others came and went sometimes for short periods and sometimes for many episodes.

    They helped to make the story more exciting.
    Some of the main chracters were Samantha, Darrin, Tabitha, Endora and Larry.

    Each episode was a story on its own but it formed part of the whole story.
  • A childhood memory...

    When I was younger, about 7 or 8, I watched Bewitched every night. I saw most every episode, even though I can't remember most. It was a show that we could all watch, I laughed, my parents laughed, and usually at the same jokes. Such is a rarity in today's television. Shows are either for adults or for children, and never for both. Bewitched stands as a memory now, of a time when there was true family programming on television. It's "Barney" or "Law and Order" now, and this is a far bigger problem than "adult content." If nothing else, I hope networks keep airing classic TV for as long as people will watch.
  • Tinka tinka tee. This series is a classic. No one was as lovely as Elizabeth Mongomery, no one could play frustrated as well as Dick York. Darrin marries a witch, moves to the suburbs and tries to have a normal life and normal wife. It doesn't work out th

    With charming special effects and a great cast, Bewitched is a television classic. The main cast, Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York and Ms. Agnes Moorhead, were all top notch. The regulars were even better. The cast of strange relatives and even stranger neighbors made the series a real treat to watch every week. The show was so popular that it spawned a spin off and the two main characters also appeared on an episode of The Flintstones in animated form. A real great show for any age. Good clean fun all around!
  • Such a novel idea for a show when it debuted. This show started the whole supernatural/fantasy sitcom run---I Dream Of Jeannie, The Addams Family, The Munsters,The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. I think people liked the escapism of magic powers, the freedom of twi

    When I watch this show now it feels like you have boarded a time machine. I spend half the time looking at the absence of so many things we take for granted in our everyday lives--computers, cell phones, microwaves, to name a few. The overabundance of drinking and smoking is funny to see, and a bit worrisome. They thought nothing of drinking at the drop of a hat and driving.
    I could never understand how Sam was so patient with her demanding husband. He was constantly trying to squeeze her into this mold of the perfect wife--which she agreed to try and be--while her mother, Endora tugged on her to be herself and enjoy all the fun and freedom of being a witch.
    There are so many layers to this show, the more you watch, the more you see.
    Unfortunately, the show lost much of its luster when the new Darrin appeared. Those last few seasons, Sam seemed to be just saying her lines and wasn't having as much fun as she seemed to be having in earlier seasons.
  • Great fantasy show

    This was a great show. One of the best black and white shows other than Lassie. There isn't to many fantasy comedies i think of And at the time this was a creative idea. Not to mention it was funny behind it. Most shows or movies with witches is usually scary, but what a different and creative idea to make a comedy.
  • I always loved this show! I always dreamt of being a witch when I was younger.

    I always loved this show! I always dreamt of being a witch when I was younger. I totally love the way that this family always tries to function as a traditional family unit, but they alway seem to fail! One of Sam's wacky realtives always seems to get in the way, Endora in perticular. The interaction between Endora and Darin is classic. Most men always seem to have complaints about their mothers-in-law, but Darin's complaints are really warranted. Endora never trully accepted Darin into the family, no matter how hard Samantha tried.
    I always loved this show because of the family aspect. Family that included Samatha and Darin's two kids, and all of Samantha's extented family.
  • This show could be seen around here a couple months ago, and I have admit it: it is simply great and really fun!

    This show is about a man (Darrin) who married a girl (Samantha). It would be a simple plot if the girl didn't have magical powers.

    Her husband tells her not to use her powers, but across the episodes (and sometimes with interference from Endora, Sam's mother, who always opposed this marriage) she usually does and that always take them to unexpected situations. However, by the end of each episode they are always fixed, and everything seems to go just fine.

    Later on the series the couple has a baby, who also seems to have magical powers. This takes the show into even more unexpected adventures, but the love of Darrin and Samantha always surpass everything, despite the many troubles that Endore puts them into.

    So, why should people watch this show? Well, it is REALLY funny and unexpected, so people will nevcer know what will happen in each episode, turning it into one of the funnier series released back on those days.
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