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  • One of the best sitcoms at that time, and personally I think it still is. The humor and characters are Top-Notch in this series.

    I sometimes like to watch the classics like shows and movies. Bewitched is truely a classic series. I enjoyed watching the series a lot. Many people knd of ignore these classics, which is a little sad. I just hope that more people will give this Comedy series a chance to watch it.
  • Original and a Classic.

    This show is by far the best supernatural tv show ever created. Not only is the star Elizabeth beautiful, but she's smart and has a warm caring personality. There are so many great episodes it's hard to decide which one is the best. This is a classic original creations. I don't think the new movie will be better than the original tv series, but at least it honors the show.
  • Woman witch faces things as a mortal.... most of the time.

    I dont really care for this show, but it is better than most stuff out there. even though it is before my time i would watch it. But it is not as good as Gilmore Girls, Cased Closed, Smallville, Ect. Out of the oldies it is on of the best!
  • Samantha Stephens (Elizabeth Montgomery) is a typical American housewife/witch who falls in love with a mortal named Darrin (Dick York). They end up getting married but Samantha family doesn't approved and so the show follows the two and their every day p

    Truly Magical those are the only words that can describe Bewitched. It went on the air 1964 and yes it may have gone off in 1972 but it will never leave us. Ever now and then a show comes along that is funny but has serious promblems but in the end they always solve them that's bewicthed. It has given us such great characters as Samantha Stephens, Darrin Stephens,Aunt Clara, Uncle Aurther, and who can forget Endora. This is a great show where kids, there parents and grandparents can watch this show together and remember and created memories together.
  • Basically boy meets witch, mortal and advertising executive Darrin Stephens.Witch Samantha always wanting a life seperate from magic and taking on the housewife role.Darrin is qite happy with Samantha's powers.Disapproving mother-in-law, Endora,when anger

    With Witch Samantha and mortal Darrin, Endora the meddling mother in-law make this tale one to enjoy and poor old Mrs.Kravitz who always seems to see what she ain't meant to see.
    I wish this show was still on, sometimes it's silly, sometimes it's strange but above all this is one show that will stay with me to the grave!
  • Elizabeth Montgomery stars as Samantha Stephens, a pretty, typical American housewife who just happens to be a witch in this beloved comedy classic.

    Bewitched still casts an enchanting spell. For escapist fantasy, this series, no doubt broke significant television ground. The Stephens were sitcoms' first mixed marriage. Advertising executive Darrin Stephens (Dick York) was mortal, and wife Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) was a witch. According to a retrospective segment included on this four-disc set, the Stephens’s were also the first couple to sleep in one bed! And Samantha's mother, Endora (the venerable Agnes Morehead), and father, Maurice (Maurice Evans) were TV's first separated couple.

    Samantha (Montgomery) is a witch who fell in love with and then married the mortal Darrin Stephens (who, for the first couple of seasons, is played by Dick York). Darrin accepts her `heritage' only on the condition that she now refrain from using witchcraft and `settle down' to be a normal American middle-class housewife.

    To the horror of her mother Endora, Samantha has agreed to the request. But, Endora ultimately worried over nothing. Samantha herself soon discovers that giving up witchcraft was an impossible promise. Conflict between her promise and an often-more complicated reality drive this series' storylines.

    Tensions immediately flare in the first season when an old flame of Darrin's (Nancy Kovak) invites them to a dinner party. Because Shelia Sommers is so obnoxious, Samantha breaks her promise in order to avoid being shown up in front of her husband. Beginning with this episode, Darrin recognizes that he cannot control when Samantha does/does not use her magic, and can only make suggestions. Whether this advice is taken then rests entirely with Samantha.

    In "Be it ever so mortgaged" we meet Gladys and Abner Kravitz (Alice Pearce and George Tobias) who are the Steven's next door neighbors.
    "It shouldn't happen to a dog" introduces us to Darrin's boss Larry Tate (David White) and his wife Louise (at this point being played by Irene Vernon). It also previews the many problems Darrin will have working at the McMahon & Tate advertising company.
    "The witches are out" finds Samantha protesting the negative pop culture images of witches traditionally associated with American Halloweens. With the help of her beloved Aunt Clara (Marion Lorne) Samantha convinces an advertising client of Darrin's that using a pretty witch for their candy sales would be a better strategy through changing that executive's appearance.
    Samantha meets her in-laws, Phyllis (Mabel Albertson) and Frank Stephens (Robert F. Simon) during "Samantha meets the folks". Aunt Clara's unexpected return and helping out upsets Darrin who had wanted his parents to believe that Samantha did all the housework by herself.

    Aunt Clara makes another great appearance in "There's no witch like an old witch". Aunt Clara is a great babysitter until she accidentally tells the kids that she is a witch. Because witches supposedly do not exist, she is barred from babysitting. Although a judge (who had every reason to doubt her statement of being a witch) is instead impressed with Aunt Clara, the Stephens decide to send her to Miami for a convenient get away vacation with her friends. This will provide time for people to forget what they were told in this episode.

    Forty years later, these episodes hold up great. Even the 'black and white' filming of this season is not annoying. Bewitched was head and shoulders above many other sitcoms of the era to begin with.

    This was one of my favorite series when I was growing up. It is very humorous, witty, and very good family entertainment. I think one of the differences is that the magic in the original series is a support for the storyline, whereas in some of the imitation series the magic seems to be overdone and takes over the main storyline. This is not the case in the original series though. Elizabeth Montgomery was really outstanding in her role as Samantha and I just love the part when she wrinkles her nose.

    This high-concept series' saving grace was that Darrin insisted that Samantha not engage in any "hocus-pocus." But in this first season, she would be compelled to use her extraordinary powers to right social wrongs (such as derogatory-witch stereotypes in the Halloween episode "The Witches Are Out"), champion the underdog (a lonely boy whose overprotective mother won't let him play baseball in "Little Pitchers Have Big Fears"), or to restore a troubled boy's Christmas spirit ("A Vision of Sugar Plums"). Or, she might just want to turn the tables on an insulting former girlfriend of Darrin's (the pilot, "Darrin, Take This Witch, Samantha").
  • a classic and very memorable show!!

    Bewitched is the tale of Samantha and Darrin Stephens, your average married couple apart from the fact Samantha happens to be a witch.

    In season 2 a new arrival greeted the family - baby Tabitha (spelt Tabatha till season 5) this little girl caused a big sensation especially when she turned out to be a witch. Season 6 brought along Tabitha's baby brother Adam who only has slight witchly powers.

    each episode is filled with a thousand laughs especially the magical mishaps but the real idea of the show is that of a loving marriage no matter what the other person is like all married couples Samantha and Darrin had many arguements but they always made up.

    the wonderful late Elizabeth Montgomery was fabulous as Samantha and wild Serena, she made the show work along with Dick York (seasons 1 - 5) and Dick Sargent (seasons 6 - 8) as her husband Darrin. Of course i can't forget about Agnes Moorehead as Samantha's mother Endora, Agnes made the character likeable even when she was being cruel to Darrin.

    from season 3 another star was brought on to Bewitched, little Erin Murphy as Tabitha. Erin proved to be a vital member of the Bewitched cast who could hold her own amongst the adult cast despite her young age. of course in the early years Erin had help playing Tabitha, she shared the role with faternal twin sister Diane but during season 4 it became obvious which twin was which and Diane would cry whenever she came on set, so in the end Erin took the role on full time.

    there was also David and Greg Lawrence as baby Adam, sadly the two of them never really appeared much or had any real storylines.

    Bewitched is an absoutely classic!!!
  • Thoughts on the show

    I loved Bewitched because it let you make beleive you can twitch your nose and make things happen. The shows in the beginning were more believable then the later shows. My favorite episodes were the old black and whites. The show changed when it went to color. It did live slightly pass its prime, but it is still was a remarkable show nontheless.
  • Bewitched was before my time, but it sure was a good show. It had a magical spark to it. It was fun and funny. I started watching the reruns of this show when I was little.

    My mother always liked watching this show when I was little, and one day I decided to watch it. It was an incredible show. Samatha, was a sweet, gentle, and beautiful witch. She loved her husband Darren, who was funny, stubborn, and nice. They had a lovely marriage, but it was hard for them to be happy when Samatha's mother would always show up. Endora, the mother of Samatha was a queen of her own right. She had control over Darren until her daughter would step in and command her to stop clowning around. This was a good show, and there was more characters like Larry Tate, Mrs. Chrivis, Tabitha, and Serena. This was the one of the best shows for magic and fantasy.
  • The show is based on a witch who marries a mortal and who ends up having a baby.

    I loved watching this show on TV. It was always a good show to watch. However, if anyone thinks the movie with Nicole Kidman in it is going to be good, you are going to be disappointed. I couldn't wait to go see the movie and I was so disappointed in the way they created the movie.

    Stick to watching Bewitched on TV and not in the movie theatre.
  • Bewitched is a show everyone can enjoy because it is well-rounded. Magic. Comedy. Little bit of romance. Busy-body neighbors. It's cute and wholesome - entertaining to watch. Plus the whole nose-wiggling is just smashing, naturally.

    I absolutely love this show. It's not often that you can watch a television show without being bombarded with sex, drugs, and alcohol - drama, drama, drama - and Bewitched gives watchers their dose of TV's finest way of entertaining you without going Reality-TV on us and all and absolutely lacking in all good plot and literary qualites. (Not to bash reality-TV, ahh, who am I kidding?)

    Bewitched is a show everyone can enjoy because it is well-rounded. Magic. Comedy. Little bit of romance. Busy-body neighbors. It's cute and wholesome - entertaining to watch. Plus the whole nose-wiggling is just smashing, naturally.
  • Wow 8 seasons ! Wow

    Every one always says why did they change Darrins well in casting at the very begining the wanted dick sergent to be darrin and not dick york but sergent was already doing a show so York was there second choice york went for 5 seasons and had a bad back problem and a drinking problem so he had to quit and serget wasn't doing any thing so they hired him! But all togeather this was a great show!
  • Setting the standard high!

    Although before my time, Bewitched is one of my favorites! I have been watching the reruns for years and still love them. I believe this show set the standard for television today. Many magical shows have come and gone but this one remains on top.

    This show follows a witch and mortal who marry and live together in the mortal world. The mother in law continually plays tricks on the mortal husband. This show started the “magic” of television. I believe that we have this show to thank for many of the “magical” shows we have today!

    Overall a timeless classic!
  • A classic family sitcom that will remain a classic family sitcom forever...

    Who can honestly say that they don't like Bewitched? Most of us can't. I am a fan of Bewitched and always will be. I've been watching since I was very young and continue to watch it on TV Land and am thinking about buying the first season on DVD. The crazy spells of Samantha Stevens make you laugh and keep you interested throughout the entire show. Though I'm more of a fan of Darren #1, I think the series got better as the seasons went on. Samantha, Darren, Tabitha, Andora, Esmerelda, Dr. Bombay, Larry, Mrs. Kravitz, the entire series was a riot and will always remain a classic in my book.
  • I only began watching reruns on Prime Network. Once I began watching it became quite funny for its time and have watched parts of Season 1 and Season 2 episodes. My favorite on Bewitched is Samantha, and Uncle that plays jokes on Samantha's husband. Each

    Bewitched is a great classic show. Glad to see it re-runed on weekends. It's also great to see Bewitched released on dvd as well. Keep up the great work!!! I was dissapointed however when I heard about the movie coming out, don't get me wrong Nicole Kidman is great but some shows are meant to be left on tv.
  • great show, a classic witch story with a bit off a twist.

    This was the one of the best shows for magic and fantasy, it was in my oppinion the best sitcom in its time.
    its a show for the whole family even for little kids especially when samantha and darren had a child, Tabitha who did several magic things she was not allowed to do and as a child you wished you could do all the stuff Tabitha did.
    I cant remember seeing the whole show , it ran for a total of 8 seasons but in my book overall its a great show and i especially loved the jokes samantha's family played on Darrin and his boss.
  • Magical Spark

    I always loved this show. So, Of course,I had to buy first season when it came out.
    It had that "Je ne sais pas" that alot of older shows had. Bewitched had a magical spark to it.
    Two people in love but difference that could or possibly not get in the way. The Writing is great and acting is good. The only think that I didn't like is the darren change but that couldn't be helped.
    All in all. One of my personal favorite and that list is growing and growing :)
  • my childhood memories

    bewiched was one of my favorite shows in my childhood. i moved to NY when i was 3yrs old from Tokyo Japan, since my father's work.
    i varely talked and understood english, but this show was entertaining just watching it, without understanding the words. The fashion and how they act with dramatical actions were perfect enough to hold my heart!
  • A Magical Original!

    Before there was Sabrina and Charmed, there was Bewitched. The premise of the story was unusual, but the end result was wonderfully funny and often amazingly tender. We had the lovable witch, Samantha, who married the mortal man, Darrin. With a twitch of her nose, Samantha took us through all sorts of hilarious scenarios. The bewildered Darrin's reactions were priceless as were those of the nosy neighbor, Mrs Kravitz. Even when Sam was on her best behavior, we often saw a host of unforgettable, magical relatives who dropped in and created chaos in the Stephens' household. From Sam's mother Endora to Doctor Bombay, Uncle Arthur, Aunt Clara, Esmerelda, and Cousin Serena (also played by Elizabeth Montgomery) the characters brought the show to even funnier levels. Not even a change in "Darrins" could bring this show down. This was classic television and a show that will be beloved for many generations to come.
  • This show had everything, real life ways, comedy and some good old magic spells!!!!! I watched this show all along my life and it always kept me amused. It was great!

    This show had everything, real life ways, comedy and some good old magic spells!!!!! I watched this show all along my life and it always kept me amused. It was great! I wish they would continue making shows like this, it would be wonderful to add some magic back to life. Some shows never die to certain people, and this show explained why. It was great to come home and experience the supernatural, magical wonders that this show had to offer. I am sure that everyone that watched the show could have related and took the show to brighten their long hard days of work, school and whatever else may have been going on that day in their lives.
  • A 60s gem.

    "Bewitched" is certainly before my time, but I still find it a great show and I'm thrilled it's now available on DVD. There are very few shows from the 60s that I like - the top two being "Dark Shadows" and "Bewitched".

    "Bewitched" is a fantastical family show about an ordinary man who is blown away to discover that his new wife is a witch. His love for her keeps him from running away but he is always trying to keep her from using her powers.

    The show changed a lot from beginning to end. Sometimes it dealt mainly with relationships and marriage life, and other times dealt mainly with fantastical plots, especially after the birth of Tabitha, their daughter witch.

    Finally the show is available on DVD, and a feature film starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell has been made.

    If you haven't seen this show yet and don't know if you want to buy it on DVD, TV Land airs the show every day.
  • This show could be seen around here a couple months ago, and I have admit it: it is simply great and really fun!

    This show is about a man (Darrin) who married a girl (Samantha). It would be a simple plot if the girl didn't have magical powers.

    Her husband tells her not to use her powers, but across the episodes (and sometimes with interference from Endora, Sam's mother, who always opposed this marriage) she usually does and that always take them to unexpected situations. However, by the end of each episode they are always fixed, and everything seems to go just fine.

    Later on the series the couple has a baby, who also seems to have magical powers. This takes the show into even more unexpected adventures, but the love of Darrin and Samantha always surpass everything, despite the many troubles that Endore puts them into.

    So, why should people watch this show? Well, it is REALLY funny and unexpected, so people will nevcer know what will happen in each episode, turning it into one of the funnier series released back on those days.
  • I always loved this show! I always dreamt of being a witch when I was younger.

    I always loved this show! I always dreamt of being a witch when I was younger. I totally love the way that this family always tries to function as a traditional family unit, but they alway seem to fail! One of Sam's wacky realtives always seems to get in the way, Endora in perticular. The interaction between Endora and Darin is classic. Most men always seem to have complaints about their mothers-in-law, but Darin's complaints are really warranted. Endora never trully accepted Darin into the family, no matter how hard Samantha tried.
    I always loved this show because of the family aspect. Family that included Samatha and Darin's two kids, and all of Samantha's extented family.
  • Great fantasy show

    This was a great show. One of the best black and white shows other than Lassie. There isn't to many fantasy comedies i think of And at the time this was a creative idea. Not to mention it was funny behind it. Most shows or movies with witches is usually scary, but what a different and creative idea to make a comedy.
  • Such a novel idea for a show when it debuted. This show started the whole supernatural/fantasy sitcom run---I Dream Of Jeannie, The Addams Family, The Munsters,The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. I think people liked the escapism of magic powers, the freedom of twi

    When I watch this show now it feels like you have boarded a time machine. I spend half the time looking at the absence of so many things we take for granted in our everyday lives--computers, cell phones, microwaves, to name a few. The overabundance of drinking and smoking is funny to see, and a bit worrisome. They thought nothing of drinking at the drop of a hat and driving.
    I could never understand how Sam was so patient with her demanding husband. He was constantly trying to squeeze her into this mold of the perfect wife--which she agreed to try and be--while her mother, Endora tugged on her to be herself and enjoy all the fun and freedom of being a witch.
    There are so many layers to this show, the more you watch, the more you see.
    Unfortunately, the show lost much of its luster when the new Darrin appeared. Those last few seasons, Sam seemed to be just saying her lines and wasn't having as much fun as she seemed to be having in earlier seasons.
  • Tinka tinka tee. This series is a classic. No one was as lovely as Elizabeth Mongomery, no one could play frustrated as well as Dick York. Darrin marries a witch, moves to the suburbs and tries to have a normal life and normal wife. It doesn't work out th

    With charming special effects and a great cast, Bewitched is a television classic. The main cast, Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York and Ms. Agnes Moorhead, were all top notch. The regulars were even better. The cast of strange relatives and even stranger neighbors made the series a real treat to watch every week. The show was so popular that it spawned a spin off and the two main characters also appeared on an episode of The Flintstones in animated form. A real great show for any age. Good clean fun all around!
  • A childhood memory...

    When I was younger, about 7 or 8, I watched Bewitched every night. I saw most every episode, even though I can't remember most. It was a show that we could all watch, I laughed, my parents laughed, and usually at the same jokes. Such is a rarity in today's television. Shows are either for adults or for children, and never for both. Bewitched stands as a memory now, of a time when there was true family programming on television. It's "Barney" or "Law and Order" now, and this is a far bigger problem than "adult content." If nothing else, I hope networks keep airing classic TV for as long as people will watch.
  • I loved Bewitched. I have been watching it since it first started. I liked Samantha Stephens played by Elizabeth Montgomery because she is one of my favorite characters in the show.

    Bewitched was a sophisticated ensemble situation comedy (considered light and fluffy by some) featuring relevant cultural themes in a fantasy context.

    For years the main characters have remained in the story. Others came and went sometimes for short periods and sometimes for many episodes.

    They helped to make the story more exciting.
    Some of the main chracters were Samantha, Darrin, Tabitha, Endora and Larry.

    Each episode was a story on its own but it formed part of the whole story.
  • Didn't everyone want to have magic powers when they were younger?

    I loved this show because I always wanted to be a witch like Samantha.
    I would practice for hours twitching my nose!
    I always hoped that I had long lost relatives like Endora to come and tell me I was one.
    Endora was wacky and a favorite of mine.
    I also thought Tabitha was so cute.
    I loved see what pickles they would get themselves into.
  • Although this show is over 20 years before my time, it's still an excellent show and a personal favorite of mine.

    The story of a mortal marrying a witch is pretty interesting. Especially since the mortal doesn't want the witch to use her magic anymore, but she does anyway (even when she tries hard not to).

    Elizabeth Montgomery is simply adorable and very loveable playing the witch, Samantha (Sam). And she makes the nose twitch look so much fun. And although I have tried to attempt do the nose twitch (as I'm sure many of you have, too), I haven't had much success.

    Dick York does very well at being the mortal, Darrin. And I definitely prefer him to Dick Sargent, who played Darrin in later seasons after Dick York was unable to continue doing the show.

    Agnes Moorehead does an excellent job at being Sam's witchy mother, Endora. Endora has always been a favorite of mine, and it is very interesting to see the things she comes up with to try to end Sam and Darrin's marriage.

    Diane & Erin Murphy are sooooooooo cute as little Tabitha (Sam and Darrin's daughter).

    It's always hilarious when the neighbor Gladys Kravitz (Alice Pearce, later played by Sandra Gould) witnesses Sam's magic, and her husband, Abner (George Tobias), never does. Which makes her look and sound like she's crazy.

    Of all the relatives of Sam's that are always "popping in", Aunt Clara (Marion Lorne) is definitely my favorite. Clara is very old and forgetful and is always messing up her spells. But she is extremely lovable, and has a hobby of collecting doorknobs.
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